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"How To Cook Simple, Healthy Meals That Even Picky Eaters Will Love"
"I feel like I'm in a friend's kitchen while she cooks & chats." Linda, Carson Citym NV
  • 3 Steps To Make Your Meals Exceptionally Healthy
  • Time-Saving Cooking Tips To Make Your Meal Prep Very Fast
  • Secrets To Infuse Your Food With Incredible Taste

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"Heather - Thanks for another new dimension to the information you share with us. You deliver the info so clearly. It makes me realize I can really do this and bring my life back in order."
Linda, Carson City, Nevada

About Heather

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I want to share how amazing you can feel on a whole foods plant-based diet, and to how to make simple, fast, incredibly delicious, nutritionally-balanced meals that leave you and your family satisfied and full of energy.

My goal is to empower you to make healthy meals, have success with your healthy weight loss plan, find balance in your body and your life. I hope to inspire you to see healthy eating as an exciting and abundant way of life.

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