Baby steps, baby

Do one thing today that nourishes you.

Want to get more energy?
Want to make sure you're getting all the right nutrients?
Get over your cravings?
Make healthy food that actually tastes good?

Skip the grandiose, skip the gross, just nail it.
One step at a time.

You know what you need to do to be healthy. Let's get it done.
With quick, actionable steps.

Stop beating yourself up for not reaching the bar you set for yourself...

The way to reach that impossibly high bar is to build small steps, one on top of the other, until you find yourself looking at that bar as just one more easy step.

The most important step--is that first step.
That first step--is whatever seems easy and fun to you!
Just pick one thing. And do it.

Baby steps, baby. @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Want to make your way up to that impossibly high bar?
I'm ready for ya. The crew's ready for ya. Are you game?

We start when you're ready. We take one step a day. We go 21 days.
Each day, you'll get either

  • a video lesson on healthy eating,
  • a delicious vegan recipe + video demonstration,
  • or a 20-min yoga session on video.

Take it in baby steps, and watch them turn into big giant leaps...

Choose what you pay

There's no set fee on this, but putting some skin in the game gives you motivation.
Ante up at $1 minimum, or whatever value will make you feel slightly uncomfortable.
That's when you'll put in the effort to make the changes you deserve.

This program is on hiatus, in the midst of a massive makeover... it will come back some day, new & improved & awesome!

This is not another "challenge", it's not another bootcamp or Master Cleanse or low carb diet that'll put you in the yo-yo zone...

This is you, finally getting in control of what you know you need to do to get healthy and feel better.
Getting the action steps and motivation to shift back on track.
Getting the delicious recipes to show you exactly how.

Don't wait another day. You deserve to start putting yourself first today.

Baby steps, baby.

Success Stories

"Heather, I have to commend you on your body of work and the contribution you are making to teach others, like me, to navigate through the mass of conflicting and confusing information about eating healthily as a vegan, and just health in general. As a newly minted vegan, your site has been a godsend. What I specifically love about it is that I can get whatever level of support I need - when and whether I need it."
- Jennifer, Richmond BC CANADA

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Q: "I love chocolate. Am I allowed to have chocolate while we do this?
A: Oh, you're in luck. I show you how to make super healthy chocolate treats, because I know there are a lot of chocoholics out there (myself included). I don't believe that chocolate and health are mutually exclusive, in fact there are a lot of benefits to high quality dark chocolate.

Have another question? Send me a note. But hopefully my answer to the chocolate question gives you an idea of my style. I'm about balance and happiness, not perfection.

5% to charity:water.

"When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health, increase access to food, grow local economies, and help kids spend more time in school."

charity:water works with local partners to build water projects around the world. And every time they complete one, they prove it using photos and GPS coordinates on Google Maps.

I donate my birthday and 5% of your Baby Steps ante to charity:water.