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Distill the masses of information into handy, easy-to-read ebooks by @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist
  • Healthy vegan cooking techniques
  • Balanced vegan meal planning
  • Healthy breakfasts
  • Healthy eating on the go
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Protein From Plants online nutrition class by @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Know how much protein you actually need.
Know how to get (more than) enough from plant foods.

Be confident in knowing--and explaining--how you get protein as a vegan.
You'll even get a certificate to prove you know your sh*t.

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put some wow in your mouth. zing pow, baby. veganook recipe club by @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

veganook recipes are healthful, vegan, tasty (super yumful), whole foods (mostly), easy to make, easy to clean up (minimal dish usage).

Sound good? Let’s make healthy meals so delicious you crave them...
Put some wow in your mouth. Zing pow, baby.

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Note: This program is on my other site, veganook.com. Have fun over there!

Online Healthy Vegan Cooking Course with @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Get confident in your cooking skills, get a closer look, a better understanding of how to cook and a deeper education of what makes a healthy vegan meal - and how to make it fun and tasty.

Secret tips, tricks and shortcuts for healthy cooking, with video classes and recipes to show you how to make delicious meals and start to improvise.

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Healthy Cleanse Program by @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Break through your cravings with a 3-day tune up, and see how much better you feel! Reset your body to get back in balance and conquer cravings for good.

Nutritionally-balanced meal plan designed to cleanse your body naturally, without anything extreme.

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Online Healthy Vegan Meal Plan Program by @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Get a plan of what, how much and when to eat to get all the nutrients and energy you need from plant foods. Meticulously-planned and nutritionally-balanced, so you don't have to think about it.

Dynamic individual portion calculator that will update all the recipes and grocery lists for your personal energy needs and weight goals - plus anyone else you're cooking for.

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Kickstart your energy levels, nourish your adrenal glands, and say

Kickstart your energy levels, nourish your adrenal glands, and say "no thanks" to afternoon naps.

When you're struggling with feeling tired all the time, you need a plan that's simple, keeps you full and nourished, gives you energy and that you can follow even on your no energy bad days. Join me for a 4-week online adrenal fatigue recovery program.

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Leave fad diets behind, learn how to eat vegan, get all the nutrients you need, and lose the extra weight in the process by @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Leave fad diets behind, learn how to eat vegan, get all the nutrients you need, and lose the extra weight in the process.

Let me help you drop those extra pounds, while eating amazing food, and have a blast doing it! Join me for a 4-week online weight loss program.

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Do one thing today that nourishes you. Baby Steps with @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

If you set the bar high for yourself, only to beat yourself up when you don't reach it, it's time for a reframe...

Get back in the game, one baby step at a time. And watch them turn into big giant leaps.
We take one step per day, for 21 days. We do nutrition, recipes, and yoga sessions.

I'm game, baby!

  • Online Holistic Nutrition Consultation with @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

    Figure out your real issues, and get a personalized nutrition strategy to overcome them.

    Together, we can make sure you feel better than you ever thought possible. Chances are, you don't even realize how bad you're actually feeling until we break through to the other side! We'll work one-on-one for as little or as long as you need.

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  • Member Success Stories

    "Heather, I have to commend you on your body of work and the contribution you are making to teach others, like me, to navigate through the mass of conflicting and confusing information about eating healthily as a vegan, and just health in general. As a newly minted vegan, your site has been a godsend. What I specifically love about it is that I can get whatever level of support I need - when and whether I need it."

    - Jennifer, Richmond BC CANADA

    "You were the catalyst that led me to give up the Doritos and steak bombs, and lose 100 pounds."

    - Steve, from Maine.
    Newly self-professed vegan yoga-obsessed maniac.

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    Registered Holistic Nutritionist @HeatherNicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist @HeatherNicholds

    Heather Nicholds, RHN

    Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

    My focus is on reconnecting with food as a positive source of nourishment and energy. I'm known for the attention and care I put into each and every meal plan, each and every class or workshop, each and every recipe. I make the healthy part flow easily and effortlessly for you, and the meals so crazy delicious that you'll wind up making them over and over again.