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Online Holistic Nutrition Consultations

Heather Nicholds, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

A plant-based diet can give you a lot of benefits if you're eating a diet suitable for your body. The trouble is, everyone's body is different. Following a general program is a great start, but personalized recommendations are important to correct specific health issues and find optimal health.

If you want personal nutrition advice and a holistic strategy specifically for you - without having to sift through the masses of information and diet plans out there - an online nutrition consultation is what you're looking for.

If you're looking for ongoing support and advice, accountability to stick with your goals and individual attention in making these changes happen in your life, these packages are the perfect solution.

There are some specific strategies that will address a wide variety of issues (or imbalances), but the interesting thing I've found in doing consultations with clients over the past 4 years is that there are 7 of them that are by far the most common.

7 most common issues I help my clients overcome:

  1. Digestion problems. If you get gassy after eating, bloated, sleepy, or feel discomfort in your belly.
  2. Chronic sickness. If you find yourself getting frequent colds, flu and other ailments.
  3. Cravings. If you just can't stop yourself from eating junk foods like potato chips or cookies.
  4. Allergies. If you have allergies - to foods, pollen or other things - causing all kinds of discomfort.
  5. Energy Crashes. If you have low energy, mood swings, hyperactivity and trouble concentrating.
  6. Skin problems. If you have acne or other problems with your skin, hair or nails.
  7. Fatigue. If you feel tired all the time, run out of energy, or have to have a nap in the afternoon.

If you're experiencing one (or more) of these issues, they're often symptoms of an underlying imbalance, deficiency or hidden block. Until you break through to the root cause they will keep recurring - or compounding.

Feel better than you ever thought possible with an online holistic nutrition consultation with @heathernicholds, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

I've had to deal with my own digestion problems, allergies, low blood pressure and nutritional deficiencies. Most of these things left me with low energy and caused me to just feel down a lot of the time.

After shifting to a healthy vegan lifestyle, I had more energy, I lost some extra weight without trying, and I didn't have chronic gas or digestion issues. I had no idea that this was how I was supposed to feel!

I didn't realize how bad I felt until I felt better.

I believe you have to step fully onto the path of healthy eating if you want to thrive and find the energy and health you deserve. That includes what you eat, what you don't eat, what you do during the day, and most importantly the attitude you bring to the table.

But I don't believe you have to do everything at once. I've worked with hundreds of clients who are living proof that a gradual approach can work wonders.

You have the power to make all of this magic happen in your life, too.

If you have some of these issues, you've probably been trying to wade through the huge amount of information online to try to fix it. You can end up going in circles, feeling more confused than when you started.

There are some basics of healthy eating that are important for everyone, but at a certain point you need to follow a specific path for you. I want to help you sort out your best path, because I know not everyone can go through school to become a nutritionist.

A strategy that worked for someone else could be totally wrong for your situation.

That's my zone of genius: I absolutely love simplifying the mass of complex and overwhelming information, to create a holistic nutrition strategy that's designed specifically for you.

Ready to work together to get your energy and your life back?

I don't have time to do as much 1-on-1 consulting as I would like because the most important first consultation takes 1.5-2 hours to get through, followed by 2 hours or more for me to put together a personalized healthy eating plan focused on your hidden block and most important issue.

But I've created a way to make it more doable and affordable, and for me to give you personalized nutrition recommendations. What I've done is put the questions in an online form for you so that I don't have to be there to ask you each one.

I look over every single one of your answers personally, email you for more details, and analyze the entire set of symptoms and history to figure out what the best strategy for you is going to be.

I use a nutritional analysis process called symptomatology, which is highly attuned to uncovering what may be creating those health issues I mentioned above. It can pinpoint nutritional inadequacies or imbalances (because it takes into account your body's unique balance and needs), that we can correct with a holistic strategy for food, lifestyle and/or supplementation.

Here's how this process works:

  1. You go through a series of detailed questions online.
  2. I analyze your answers when you're done.
  3. You'll go through a few more questions, to get further specifics based on the first set.
  4. I analyze those answers.
  5. You get a comprehensive holistic nutrition guide just for you.
  6. We talk on the phone to go over any questions you have about the nutrition strategy.
  7. You can email/text message me as much as you need for 4 weeks.

I may also ask you to do a 3-day food journal so that I can analyze what your current dietary balance is, and if there are any tweaks we can work on to regain balance.

You get a package of information (as a PDF, so you have something tangible) with my personalized recommendations targeted specifically to your needs to help you regain balance and optimal nutrition.

Making these changes will take you to the next level of health. If you want to have more energy and a healthier you, and you're ready to put in the effort to get there, this gives you a course of action so you know exactly what to do.

What your holistic nutrition plan will include:


Foods to emphasize, specifically to support and rebalance your body at this time.


Foods to avoid, or eliminate, at this time, plus ideas to replace them.


Personalized 3-day meal plan with recipes to show you how to put this strategy into practice.


Calorie intake recommendation to help you achieve your weight loss/gain/maintenance goals.


Corrective supplements that give your body the support it needs to be healthy and energized.


New lifestyle habits to to enhance nutrition strategies and support your body’s path to health.

This program is not currently available. If you're interested, email for details on when it may be running again.

Optional: Ongoing Support/Coaching

I also know that having the right information is only part of the solution. You also have to follow through and make the changes work in your ongoing life, and make them stick. That can be the hardest part.

To help you navigate this transition to a healthier life easily and effortlessly, I offer ongoing support so that I can be your cheerleader and your coach along the way.

After going through the online consultation process, we can talk about what will work best for you in terms of the amount of monthly support and calls, the duration, and what will be best for you to help make these changes happen in your life.

If you prefer online and text message communication only, I can work with that! We can do text or whatsapp chats instead of phone calls. Simply check the online consultation option, and we can continue with monthly support after that.

Just let me know when you sign up, or after our initial consultation, if you're interested in continuing with ongoing email/text message support and we can work out the details.

Client Success Stories

These are some of the benefits my clients have found (click on the tabs below):

  • Improve Health
  • Feel Fantastic
  • Overcome Addictions
  • Personalized Strategy
  • Gain Motivation
  • Simplify Info
  • Get regular

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Your recommendations so far have had amazing results. You were right, sugary things and refined grains were causing me problems. I really did not expect my health to improve so significantly by taking them out (I was relying partly on them for energy). I haven't incorporated all of your tips yet, but I'm in the process of, and will keep following your advice as closely as possible. Thanks so much, you're truly an amazing nutritionist."
Valentina, Lugano/Ticino, Switzerland

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I started Friday and did everything to the tee just like you said. I feel GREAT!!!! My energy has skyrocketed, my digestive system is working great and I feel so good I almost do not want to come off of it. I plan to stick with this diet, yes I know sometimes I may slip. But the most important part is that I will get back up and keep it moving :-) I will keep you posted on my progress. Until then be well!!!"
-Nadine Newburgh, NY

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First off I want to say a big THANK YOU for what you do. It's truly appreciated! Secondly, I started the day after you sent all the info. I didn't realize how addicted to sugar I was until in the late afternoon on the first day. I wanted it BAD! I've never felt better in my life than when I follow your meal plans."
- Melissa, Ogden, Utah

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Thank you so much for this incredible nutrition plan. I can't wait to get started. There's so much information. I'm really grateful to you because I have been to two nutritionists, and neither of them did very much analysis to try to figure out my real issues, and certainly they never provided such in-depth information and suggestions. I can do this!"
Darlene, Smyrna, Deleware

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I can't put in words the positive influence that your work has been doing on me since I first came across it, 2 months ago. I don't particularly have any serious health problems and I am a meat eater, however I prefer to eat and cook vegetarian and vegan meals most of the time. There are some things that totally changed on my diet and cooking process with your videos and tips and I want to improve everything I can to feel healthier and deal with some specific issues I want to, regarding my diet/body and well being. And that's why you became a star on my day-to-day life :)"
-Sara, Lisbon, Portugal

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This is phenomenal information and I will be focusing on it. You are so amazing and I think your knowledge can change lives for the healthier! I really liked how this simplified a plan for me. The conclusion pretty well matched what I already knew but didn't know how to change my eating to feel better. It is realistic and honest, anyone can benefit from it!"
-Melissa, Vancouver

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This nutrition program you designed specifically for me I believe is really going to help tremendously. I already feel pretty good. Another definitive sign to let me know things are working correctly is that (excuse my candidness here)... I'm going to the bathroom "regularly" now for the past four days!!! I have NEVER had a BM four days in a row. Some days I even go twice. This is HUGE for me. I honestly can't remember being this regular. I've always had to use something to help like enemas, tea with senna, etc. Since starting the process, I have used nothing to assist in having a movement. I'll keep you posted as things progress. Thank you so much for all you do."
- Tamra, Lakemoor, Illinois

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Let's take those 'best intentions' you have and make them a reality!
Email me if you have any questions or if you want to do something differently than what I have set up.
If you're looking for something simpler and self-guided, you might want to check out my online meal plan program, cleanses or online cooking course.

Certified Holistic Nutritionist @HeatherNicholds Certified Holistic Nutritionist @HeatherNicholds

Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Heather Nicholds is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who helps newly minted vegans (or veg-curious) fully nourish their bodies so they have the energy to enJOY their lives. Her focus is on making it happen - clarifying practical strategies, bringing flavor and fun to everyday meals, and making it all work even when we're busy. Heather is a YouTube video personality, and has been a speaker at BlogHer Food and Toronto VegFest, and featured on, One Green Planet, Huffington Post and Greatist.


Consultation FAQ's

What are your qualifications and where did you go to school?

This is a really good question, since the word 'nutritionist' is not regulated, meaning that anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a designation I earned through doing a nutrition degree at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. This is a more technical, scientific and rigorous course than people who promote themselves as Health Coaches. This is not the same as a Registered Dietitian, which is a university program focused on the scientific side of nutrition. Holistic nutrition, similar to other holistic practices, focuses on the health of the whole person and interaction of diet, lifestyle and spirit. Holistic nutrition means "the interrelationship of mind, body and spirit; and the importance of addressing these interactive factors which are unique to each individual". You can read more about me here, my philosophy of healthy eating here and holistic nutrition here

Do I have to start right away?

No, you can start whenever you like. I'm here whenever you need!

How to do we contact each other?

We can talk by phone, google+ hangout, skype, or whatever works for you. You can also contact me by email or text/whatsapp message.

How do I schedule a call with you?

If you've signed up for a phone call, I'll send you an email and we can coordinate a time to talk. I have some general times that are open for calls, but I can try to work in to your schedule if it's tricky.

What if I want to continue past what I sign up for today?

We can talk about that when you decide, but I offer extensions to the packages above at a reduced rate, since we'll already be working together.

What if I want to stop working together?

I deliberately offer set time frames, and only up to 3 months at a time. I find it's best to take a little break at that point, and re-evaluate where you are and how you're progressing towards your goals. I don't like to be a crutch, my goal is to set you up to go live your own healthy and happy life. If you find you're ready to do that without my support, I'll be really excited for you.

Do you have a question that wasn't listed here? Send me an email and I'll get back to you.