Crowding Out Step 2: Bring in Nutrient-Dense Stuff

Crowding Out Step 2: Bring in Nutrient-Dense Stuff
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Crowding Out Step 2:

Bring in Nutrient-Dense Stuff

Rather than taking things away, restricting yourself, “dieting”…

Step 2 is to bring in the foods that nourish and support your body and mind!

The key is to focus on the foods that have high nutrient-density and low calorie density.

They fill up your stomach with fiber and water to keep you from feeling too hungry, and they fill up your body which might be deprived and restricted of nourishment.

When you bring in the good stuff, it gives your body what you need to overcome cravings, have the energy to move even further forward, and get all of the amazing benefits that allow you to thrive – not simply survive.

To help motivate you, this video has my top 10 list of super nutrient-dense foods + WHY those foods are so spectacular.

Download the PDF cheat sheet >>

Because it’s that really BIG WHY that gives us the push to make changes in our lives.

Even if you think you eat relatively well compared to most people around you, if you’re not getting the really nutrient-dense foods, you may be missing out on some crucial vitamins and minerals.

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Stay tuned for Step 3, coming up soon… this is where we really dig into which specific crap you want to get rid of to break the pattern of that negative cycle we all get stuck in sometimes… and WHY so you have higher motivation to steer clear.


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