Crowding Out Step 3: Pattern-Interrupt by Crowding Out The Crap

Crowding Out Step 3: Pattern-Interrupt by Crowding Out The Crap
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Crowding Out Step 3:


Today we’re going to break through the negative cycle you’re stuck in. Because that’s why you still eat things you know you shouldn’t and it’s what’s keeping you from being as healthy as you want to be.

If you’re stuck in a negative cycle, you need a reframe.

Not just to lose weight, but to create a life full of all the things you want for yourself, like:

  • energy to get through your day without the mid aft slump, or to go out with friends after work
  • feeling comfortable in your own skin – or your own clothes
  • reducing the risk of going further down the path to serious things like diabetes or heart disease

Step 2 was about the BEST 10 foods to eat, and why it’s so important to get more of those in our life to fully nourish rather than overfeed & undernourish.

There are some foods that are important to avoid, because they drain your energy and they feed the negative cycle.

This is my bottom 6 list, of the things I think are best to avoid if you want to be healthy.

Download the PDF cheat sheet >>

Crowding out the crap with the good stuff seems simple, but it’s SO POWERFUL!

Because as soon as you break that cycle once, it has less power over you.

And then it’s easier to break the cycle again. Until eventually, you have more control over your choices.

You’re not being chemically driven to overeat. As you do that more and more, your tastebuds and your energy levels will shift so that those cravings just fall away.

Check in with our private Facebook group to let us know what you’re choosing to toss today. We’re here to support you!

Step 4 is next, and is probably my favorite step – it’s when we take these lessons and put them in practice with a yummy recipe! I have a great one for ya… hint: it goes on a bun and rhymes with furger…


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