Crowding Out Step 4: Make Something Delicious

Crowding Out Step 4: Make Something Delicious
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Crowding Out Step 4:

Make Something Delicious

Imagine being able to make meals that are…

  • full of flavor!
  • high in nutrient density (so they fill you with goodness)
  • low in calorie density (so they help you lose weight)
  • don’t take too long to make
  • can be portioned for each person’s appetite and energy needs
  • give you balanced nutrition
  • so good you don’t even want the packaged stuff you used to eat

Step 2 was about the BEST 10 foods to eat, and why it’s so important to get more of those in our life to fully nourish rather than overfeed & undernourish.

Step 3 was about the things that are important to avoid, because they drain your energy and they feed the negative cycle. I gave you my bottom 6 list, of the things I think are best to avoid if you want to be healthy.

Step 4: Make something yummy with healthy foods so that you don’t even want the crap!

Like these veggie burgers. You can download a PDF of the recipe here: Herbed Quinoa Kidney Bean Burgers

When you get the nutritional balance of foods and meals set, your body is nourished – which means lots of energy, no cravings, no overeating, and you lose weight without feeling like you’re dieting.

Check in with our private Facebook group to let us know how you plan to serve your burgers, and if you have any other fun leftover ideas to share!


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