Vegan Tour Of Bermuda

Vegan Tour Of Bermuda
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.


I’m escaping the approaching winter by visiting a friend in Bermuda. No matter where you go, there are options to get great foods for your healthy eating plan while traveling.

We wanted to give you a tour of some of the good spots here in Bermuda, to show that even on a tiny island you can find good stuff.

Most of the places we visited I looked up on Happy Cow before I left, although my friend Laura knew exactly where to take me.

We went to the ABC Natural Foods Store, where I found all kinds of vegan goodies and a big aisle of bulk grains, beans, nuts, seeds and seasonings..

Then we went to Down To Earth, another natural grocery store that also has a great selection of medicinal herbs (like burdock root), supplements and probiotics. They also have a fresh juice bar.

Next up was Juice ‘n Beans, a smoothie bar that also makes vegan and vegetarian burritos, samosas and soups.

We finished up our afternoon having lunch in a park listening to a local jazz band, as part of the city’s jazz festival.

So although traveling can sometimes seem daunting when you’re trying to eat healthy meals, it definitely isn’t!

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There’s even an organic farm stand just up the road from me, where I stocked up on kale, collards, cucumber, peppers, sweet potatoes and other fresh veggies.

I also heard from the Vegetarian Society of Bermuda, unfortunately too late for us to get together, but if anyone’s heading down they have a fantastic resource for travelers and you can contact them at or connect with them on facebook.

Another awesome place that I didn’t have time to get to is It’s Only Natural, which is an organic and natural food store, and they have a vegan eatery open on Fridays.

Do you use Happy Cow when you travel?

Let me know in the comments 🙂


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