Healthy Vegan Valentine’s Chocolate Treats + Dinner Ideas

Healthy Vegan Valentine’s Chocolate Treats + Dinner Ideas
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

All you need to plan for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day .The day of love, the day of chocolate, the day of romantic candlelit dinners… Contrary to popular belief, none of this is at odds with being healthy!

In fact, I think it all goes perfectly with being healthy. Loving yourself and others is a big part of being healthy, and there is such thing as healthy chocolate treats and dinners!

I’ve put together some ideas for you, from myself and some friends, for chocolates, dinners and some eco-friendly gift ideas…

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Healthy Chocolate Treats

Romantic Dinner Recipes

I went with a pasta theme…

Crafty Gift Ideas

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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