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Cranberry-Thyme Stuffing Recipe (With Brown Rice)

Cranberry-Thyme Stuffing Recipe (With Brown Rice)

I like the contrast of savory with sweet, and soft with crunchy, in this dish. The flavors are wonderfully rich, and yet this stuffing doesn't feel heavy at all.

I love the texture of stuffing when I make it with brown rice. Cooking the rice with a bit of apple cider infuses it with flavor.

Cranberry-Thyme Stuffing Recipe

Prep time:
Cook time:
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Makes 6 servings

Adding lots of veggies, and some dried cranberries and almonds at the end, makes for a delicious dish that really could stand alone if you wanted.

But it's also perfect for baking as stuffing - and there are so many options for plant foods that can be stuffed. Squash, sweet potato, red pepper, or a hollowed out zucchini or eggplant would all be lovely.

This stuffing keeps really well in the fridge, so you could make it in advance to save yourself some time pre-holiday meal.

I used thyme because it's my favorite, but sage or rosemary would also work really well in this dish. Those three are traditional stuffing seasonings, but you could also branch out and try this with basil and oregano or even mint.

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