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Get your energy and your life back

Crazy diets and mad juicing won't get you there - not with your sanity intact!

You just need to nourish yourself. I'll show you how.

You know what you should be doing to feel better...

  • eating healthy foods
  • avoiding junk
  • exercising

But you're just not doing it.

There might be lots of reasons why:

  • Temptations, cravings
  • Laziness, busy, not enough time
  • Binge eating, even on healthy foods
  • Overwhelmed by all the recipes, diets, nutrition info out there
  • Confused about how to plan meals, and get all the nutrients you need
  • Trying fad diet after fad diet, while your weight yo-yos up and down

We've normalized feeling like crap.

We've been conditioned that feeling like sh*t is ok. Chances are, you probably don't even realize that you feel like crap right now, or at least you don't realize how much better you could feel.

I know you feel desperate, to change things in your life. I know you feel overwhelmed by the all info and recipes and diets out there.

The truth is: diets just don't work!!

They make you feel deprived, because you're restricted in some way.
The good news is... there's a better way to shift your habits.

You crowd out the crap with the foods that nourish and support your body and mind!

If you commit to making what you want for yourself a habit, something you do every day, then it gets easier.

And guess what!

  • Your skin clears up
  • Your bloating goes away
  • You have tons of energy
  • You lose all the weight you want without dieting.
  • You feel confident in the choices you're making for your own health, for your family's health

If you get going on this path, you can kick some serious ass.

And get a great ass while you're at it.

I'm going to take you through a 7-day process of up-leveling your health by nourishing your body and crowding out the crap you know you don't want to be eating anymore.

One step at a time. So you can easily make these habits a new way of life for you.

Let's get started...

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"It is difficult to switch from a S.A.D. diet to one of health and wellness. I feel like an addict at times! Trying to detox my body from years of too much sugar, refined flour and saturated fat has not been easy. Your videos and blog posts are a constant source of encouragement as well as information. I can't believe I get all this great info for free!! You are truly amazing." ~ April, California

Certified Holistic Nutritionist @HeatherNicholds Certified Holistic Nutritionist @HeatherNicholds

Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Heather Nicholds is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who helps newly minted vegans (or veg-curious) fully nourish their bodies so they have the energy to enJOY their lives. Her focus is on making it happen - clarifying practical strategies, bringing flavor and fun to everyday meals, and making it all work even when we're busy. Heather is a YouTube video personality, and has been a speaker at BlogHer Food and Toronto VegFest, and featured on, One Green Planet, Huffington Post and Greatist.