VPro: Vegan protein online nutrition course with @heathernicholds, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Know how much protein you actually need.
Know how to get *more than* enough from plant foods.

Be confident in knowing--and explaining--how you get protein as a vegan.

Online nutrition class with Heather Nicholds, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

What this program has to offer:

How to Get Vegan Protein: Virtual course with @heathernicholds, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Part 1: Understanding Protein

The science of protein, why plant sources are better for you than meat, and a guide on how to calculate so that you know exactly how much you need.

How to Get Vegan Protein: Virtual course with @heathernicholds, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Part 2: Special Protein Needs

In-depth look at how protein needs are different in certain circumstances: weight loss, pregnancy/lactation, children, athletes and pre-/post- surgery.

How to Get Vegan Protein: Virtual course with @heathernicholds, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Part 3: Protein Foods

A description of all the major food sources of protein, so you know how to get enough, with tips to maximize digestion and utilization, and a guide on how to make beans easier to digest (aka minimize gas).

How to Get Vegan Protein: Virtual course with @heathernicholds, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Part 4: Recipes & Meal Plans

17 delicious high-protein vegan recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. 3 days of meal plans to show you how to get more than enough protein from plants on a daily basis, with a full nutritional breakdown.

What's included:

*Video Tutorials + Ebook

3 exclusive video tutorials, plus a full-length ebook, to talk through the key concepts and information, and make plant protein easy to understand and explain to others.

*Protein Calculator

Input your height, weight, age, gender, activity level and weight goals, and you'll see exactly how much protein you need on a daily basis.

*Meal Plan + Dynamic Portions

Three days of high-protein meals, that will adjust all of the portions based on the calculator so you can see exactly how to get the right amount of fuel for YOU.

"I've struggled with the vegan lifestyle because I really don't think I knew how to eat a well rounded diet. Because I run twelve miles a week and lift weights I need to eat a balanced diet. There are so many wonderful vegan cookbooks out there...I've bought so many!...but I don't know how to plan a day's worth of food. Thank you for being a great teacher. I'm getting a hang of what I should be eating."

~ Melanie, Warren OH

Yes! I want to know how to get protein as a vegan!
Boost your protein intake through your whole day...

Berry Oatmeal

Maple Dijon Burgers

Cranberry Quinoa Cookies

Chocolate-Orange Protein Bars

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Bonus Features:

*Exercise Program

A full 7-day exercise plan (with videos!) for your week, at three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. I'm an active person, and want to show you how to get into exercise!

*Download All Videos + PDFs

The MP4 files + PDF text of the course are yours to download and keep forever! It's all there for you to work through on your own pace if you want to go fast or slow. Your access doesn't expire.

*Members'-Only Forum

You'll get exclusive access to the forum, where you can ask me questions and connect with other members, so you have a group of like-minded individuals to talk to.

*30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Guaranteed to help you get the protein you need from plants, or your money back.

Why wait? Claim your spot today!

Why put off taking your understanding of plant-based protein to the next level?
Don't wait another day to make sure you know, and can explain, exactly where you get your protein.
You'll even get a certificate to prove you know your sh*t.

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Registered Holistic Nutritionist @HeatherNicholds

Written By A Holistic Nutritionist

As a vegan, I get asked a lot of questions. Usually, one of the first questions I’m asked is how I get protein, since meat is considered by many to be the ideal protein source - and some think of it as the only protein source.

As a nutritionist, I know exactly how it works, and I want you to have the answers, too. I'm also writing for vegetarians and meat eaters, since focusing more on the plant side of the plate is always a good thing, and you might be curious about how your vegan friends can be so healthy without meat.

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