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Let’s fill your plate and nourish your body with easy, wholesome, and delicious plant-based meals. The single most powerful choice we can make for our planet, for the animals, and for our own health. I’d love to show you how.


I’m Heather.

A certified holistic nutritionist, vegan, runner, environmentalist, figure skater, and mango aficionado dedicated to helping you get all the nutrients and energy you need from plant foods.

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Struggling to figure out if you’re getting a balanced vegan diet? Upload 3 days of your food journal (all meals, snacks & supplements), and I’ll tell you what’s working, and what to tweak to get better nutrition. Or ask me anything you’re wondering about, and get a personal video reply.

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If you want a personalized nutrition strategy – without having to sift through the masses of information and diet plans out there – an online nutrition consultation is what you’re looking for.

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My Books

Vegan Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Whether you’re new to veganism, new to pressure cookers, or an old pro at both, I wrote this book to give you some easy and delicious options for quick & healthy weeknight meals. There are just 5 main ingredients, so you don’t need to be fussing with anything complicated. Using an electric pressure is easier than you might think, and can cut your cooking time in half.

Available to pre-order as a paperback now – or the Kindle edition will be available Aug 27!

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