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I’ve been honored to have spoken at some wonderful festivals and had my work, as healthy vegan recipes and healthy eating articles, featured on some wonderful websites that I admire very much.

Conference Speaker:

BlogHer Food 2013: I spoke with my good friend and amazing vegan chef and fitness coach Christy Morgan in a Video Bootcamp for food bloggers. We went through our best tips and tricks from our years of experience creating videos.

Toronto Vegetarian Festival 2013: I was thrilled to connect with so many people in my session at this popular Canadian festival speaking about easy, fun and healthy meal planning.

Diabetes Smart Symposium: This was an online conference coordinated by Learn It Live, an online learning platform. I was honored to be one of 60 expert speakers, and my session on Preventing blood sugar spikes: Plan a day of vegan meals had one of the highest sign up and attendance rates in the conference.

Book Contributor:

Plant-Powered Families, by Dreena Burton: This is Dreena’s 5th cookbook, and it is amazing! It’s full of her hard-earned tips and well-tested recipes for feeding children healthy whole plant foods. There are over 100 recipes, plus meal plans at the back, along with my contribution of important nutritional information for children and families.

Nutrition CHAMPS, by Jill Nussinow: This is an amazing collection of healthy recipes, by some of my favorite vegan cookbook authors and I was honored to be asked to contribute. Inside, you’ll find my Rutabaga ‘Noodles’ with Lemon Balsamic Tahini Sauce, Ginger Pineapple Pudding, Parsley Pistachio Lime Pesto and Black Bean Peanut Butter Brownies.

Fresh, Flavorful, Festive: Mango Recipes Fit For A Fete, by The National Mango Board: Those of you who know me know that I’m a total mango addict, so when the Mango Board asked me to contribute a recipe to their cookbook I thought I had been called to my destiny. I contributed a Mango Dragon Roll (yes, mango sushi) – with a spiced chocolate drizzle and toasted coconut. Divine. The link will take you to a free ebook, which is not vegan but has some lovely vegan recipes in there.

Articles/Recipes Featured On:

Huffington Post: My cajun veggie burgers were listed as one of ‘The 10 Best Veggie Burgers To Make This Season,’ which was such a wonderful way to share yummy plant foods for summer BBQing. Avocado-Pineapple Savory Oats, as part of ‘16 Savory Oatmeal Recipes,’ by Brittany Risher.

Greatist: My chocolate macaroons were listed as one of ‘The Best Recipe Videos on YouTube for People With “No Time to Cook.”

Curejoy: My articles “3 Things All Women Should Know To Maintain a Healthy Weight,” “Is Your Earache Due To A Food Allergy?” and “15 Signs That Your Liver NEeds An Urgent Cleanse” have been incredibly popular on their site. My advice was featured in an article on ‘5 Foods To Keep You Warm This Winter,’ and ‘5 Healthy Spring Foods To Look Forward To,’ by Mark Leberfinger.

One Green Planet: My video was included as one of ‘The 5 Best Green Smoothie Videos On Youtube‘, and my Christmas salad was included as one of ‘10 Amazing Vegan Christmas Recipe Videos‘. I’ve contributed lots of recipes and videos to this well-respected eco-friendly and vegan website, my favorite of which is for quinoa lavendar cookies.

Healthy Blender Recipes: I made a raw jicama with mango basil sauce to share for Tess’ wildy popular month of gluten-free recipes and giveaways.

Vegan Cuts: I shared my banana walnut muffins with Vegan Cuts readers after curating their healthy January snack box.

Renegade Health: They featured my Candy Cane Superfood Ice Cream, which readers loved for its simplicity.

Eat Drink Better: I’ve contributed several recipes and articles to this fantastic site devoted to sustainable food for a healthy lifestyle. My article listing 10 killer quinoa salads seems to be the most popular, cause who doesn’t love a good quinoa salad??

JL Goes Vegan: I wrote an article for JL’s amazingly informative Vegan 101 series, on how to use seasoning.

The Blissful Chef: Christy and I have such a similar cooking style that it’s easy to share recipes with her. I’ve done an Asian coleslaw recipe for her food processor month, a pina colada smoothie for blender month, slow-cooked root veggies with orange-tahini dressing for cast iron month and mango-papaya chutney for orange food month.

Vegan Backpacker: Vegan Backpacker featured my list of 7 common foods you can use to deal with travel health issues.

Interviews And Reviews:

Viva La Vegan’s Vegan Athlete Series: My interview wound up being #4 in the Top 10 articles for 2014 on Viva La Vegan! Such an honor, considering all the wonderful vegan athletes featured in this series!

Canopy Verde: Linda, who makes amazing vegan and eco-friendly handbags, asked me lots of great questions.

Ricki Heller: An interview and review of my online cooking classes, as well as a review of one of the Spicy Black Bean Burger recipe from the veggie burgers series.

Real Talk, Real Women: Miriam and I had a really interesting video interview, and I contributed a chapter to her new book.

Healthy Vegas Vegan: Adria caught up with me at a conference to ask me about how to find balance and not stress about being perfect for her viewers.

Eat Drink Better: Review of my online cooking classes on this popular website, by Becky Striepe.

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