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Healthy Cooking Techniques by @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Healthy Vegan Cooking Techniques:
Understand how to cook so you can be confident in the kitchen

  • Stocking your pantry, equipping your kitchen, and cooking methods
  • How to cook vegetables, whole grains, dried beans, and how to season and serve
  • How to make veggie burgers
  • Vegan baking techniques and substitutions, and how to make cookies

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Balanced Vegan Meal Planning by @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Balanced Vegan Meal Planning:
Get the nutrients and fuel you need for your day

  • Plant-based balance and food groups, nutritional impact of cooking methods
  • Planning balanced meals, with ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts
  • Using leftovers, taking food to-go, supplements, calories and portion sizes
  • 3-day taster meal plan, nutritionally-balanced for the day with each meal and snack

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How To Make Healthy Breakfasts by @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

How To Make Healthy Breakfasts:
Set the tone for a delicious day

  • Why eat breakfast?
  • Importance of hydration, and how to make water more fun
  • Basic breakfast porridge with a twist, like gingerbread quinoa, apple pie oats, banana bread rice, chai buckwheat
  • Healthy brunch options, like sesame oat spice muffins, whole wheat quinoa waffles, baked banana french toast, fruity granola parfait

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How To Make Healthy Lunches To-Go by @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

How To Make Healthy Lunches To-Go:
Fuel your afternoon, save money, feel awesome

  • Why make your own lunch, factors to consider, finding time to make it, making lunch fun and appetizing
  • Easy bowls, like bean salad 3 ways, balsamic quinoa, ALT
  • Sandwiches, like avo-mame, fresh lime hummus wrap, chickpea salad, even a twist on a peanut butter sandwich
  • Other ideas, like butternut squash soup, mint-lime avocado pasta, maple dijon burgers

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How To Make Veggie Burgers by @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

How To Make Veggie Burgers:
Mouthwatering DIY veggie burgers + condiments

  • Base of a perfect veggie burger, which you can use to improvise and make up your own
  • Recipes for 10 mouthwatering burgers to try at home
  • Cooking and serving suggestions
  • DIY condiments recipe ebook, so you can pair your burgers with the perfect topping

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How To Make Healthy Desserts by @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

How To Make Healthy Desserts:
Treat yourself, guilt-free

  • Healthifying treats, vegan substitutions and baking techniques
  • Muffins: banana walnut, applesauce crumble
  • Cookies: chocolate brownie, oatmeal, quinoa lavender, lemon almond, pineapple coconut macaroons
  • Plus funky monkey ice cream, black bean chocolate brownies, stuffed cinnamon apples, blueberry avocado cheesecake and more

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Healthy Eating On The Go by @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Healthy Eating On The Go:
For Busy Professionals, Travellers and Students

  • Meal ideas you can find on the go, plus 2-day quick-prep meal plan
  • Healthy drink options, and how to avoid gas
  • Cooking for one, and saving money on food
  • Healthy tips for restaurants, parties and cafeterias

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How To Get Vegan Protein by @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

How To Get Vegan Protein:
Plant-Based Guide + Recipes To Fill Your Needs

  • The science of protein and why plant sources are actually better for you than meat
  • A description of all the major food sources of protein, so you know how to get enough
  • How protein needs are different for weight loss, pregnancy/lactation, children, athletes and pre-/post- surgery
  • 17 delicious recipes using vegan protein sources to give you lots of ideas, including home-made protein bars

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Healthy Holiday Guide by @heathernicholds Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Healthy (Vegan) Holiday Survival Guide:
28 Healthy Recipes + Tips

  • Full veganized traditional holiday menu
  • 28 Recipes for mains, sides, desserts, and drinks
  • Dealing with the social aspect of holiday meals
  • Staying healthy through holiday temptations

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