Herbal Support For Your Detox Diet Plan

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One area that's been interesting me lately is medicinal herbs. They were used for thousands of years, discarded in the recent past, and are now coming back to merge with our new knowledge and awareness.

They're one of those links to our natural ecosystem that's been overlooked in a lot of modern cultures. I think they play a huge role in overall long-term health, and I'm excited to learn more about them.

There are some herbs that are good specifically for a detox diet plan. They can support the body’s systems overall, and some stimulate cleansing in certain areas of the body.

These are some of the most effective herbs for a detox diet plan, and their specific actions:

  • Black walnut - balances sugar levels, eliminates excess toxins
  • Burdock root - blood purifier, supports kidney function
  • Cascara sagrada - colon cleanser, laxative
  • Cayenne - blood purifier, increases fluid elimination/sweat
  • Chaparral - strong blood cleanser
  • Dandelion root - liver & blood cleanser, diuretic, filters toxins
  • Echinacea - stimulates lymphatic and immune systems, purifies blood
  • Garlic - blood cleanser, stimulates lymphatic system, lowers blood fats, natural antibiotic
  • Ginger root - stimulates circulation, sweating, and digestive system, cleanses kidneys
  • Goldenseal root - regulates liver and kidney function, stimulates glands, antibiotic
  • Licorice root - purges excess fluid, mild laxative, stimulates adrenals, soothes stomach
  • Milk thistle - promotes liver function
  • Oregon grape root - skin & colon cleanser, blood purifier, liver stimulant, promotes digestion
  • Parsley leaf - blood cleanser and builder, diuretic, flushes kidneys
  • Red clover blossoms - blood purifier, supports healing tissues
  • Sarsaparilla root - blood purifier, balances glands and hormones, stimulates metabolism
  • Sassafras - stimulates liver to clear toxins, controls appetite, helps with water retention
  • Yellow dock root - blood purifier, improves flow of bile, laxative

Mixing a few of these herbs into a formula can combine their effects for a bigger overall impact. A couple of mixes for a detox diet plan would be:

  1. cayenne, echinacea, garlic, goldenseal root, licorice root, parsley leaf, yellow dock root
  2. red clover, dandelion, horsetail, cayenne, garlic, sassafras

Cayenne in particular magnifies the effect of all other herbs. Ask a herbalist for specific recommendations, or buy a pre-mixed herbal product. There are some herbal products specifically for a detox diet plan. Check the ingredients to see which herbs are included, and to make sure there aren’t any additives.

To prepare whole herbs, one of the most effective ways is to make a decoction, which is where you boil them (15-30 min for most herbs) and then let them steep for another 30 min. You can make a big batch, keep it in the fridge, and then drink it over a few days. You can also buy herbs ground and put into capsules, or made into a liquid extract that you can add to water or juice.

What are your thoughts on herbal remedies - in general, or specifically to do with a detox diet plan? Have you used them, and what did they do for you?

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