Q: “How do you cleanse when it’s cold outside?”

Q: “How do you cleanse when it’s cold outside?”
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

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Cleansing in cold

Cause a juice cleanse isn’t so much fun when there’s still a frost warning in the morning…

I have two main strategies for cleansing when it’s cold outside:

1. Eat warm food

Just because you’ve decided to do a cleanse, doesn’t mean you can’t have warm food! I like to make meals like squash soup, steamed veggie bowls, or maybe baked sweet potato when I cleanse in the winter, early spring, or late fall.

These meals can be easily made with lots of nourishing and cleansing vegetables, and without any oil, sugar, or other processed ingredients.

2. Exercise

Moving your body warms you up, and if you do a cleanse the way I do (while still nourishing yourself, not starving yourself), you’ll have plenty of energy for exercise.

I like to ease up slightly on my running while I cleanse, and add in some twisting yoga sessions to get my blood and lymph flowing and clear out toxins more easily.

If that kind of cleanse sounds good to you, check out my nutritionally-balanced veggie cleanse program. It’s perfect for cleansing in colder seasons.

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