Intestinal Parasite Symptoms And Tips

Bad Water Can Bring Intestinal Parasite Symptoms


Intestinal parasite symptoms are sometimes tricky to pick up on. On their own, they're some of the most common health issues. But if you put all of them together, the overall picture is pretty distinctive.

Self-diagnosing in general is usually a bad idea, since you can miss the big picture by looking at everything as small details. An outside perspective is usually much better and can point you in the direction that's most important.

Going to see a naturopath is a great way to learn more about what to do for your health and balance. It's a great idea to be proactive about your health instead of waiting for something to be wrong.

When I was studying to become a nutritionist, I had to self-diagnose and come up with a nutrition plan to put myself on. It was pretty tricky, and my most obvious diagnosis pointed to some form of parasite. I tried an herbal parasite cleanse (Renew Life's ParaGone), along with changes to my diet, and had some good results.

It didn't take me all the way though because it turned out that the root cause of the parasites was low levels of stomach acid. I've been working on that, and am doing a lot better.

If I hadn't figured out the low stomach activity though, I probably would have just kept on getting bad bacteria and yeasts and parasites taking over my intestines since the acid keeps them in check.

The most important thing to remember about parasites is that the serious ones are picked up in certain areas of the world where they're more common, and especially if you go to those places as a visitor.

You might not know which foods to avoid, you might not drink safe water and your body isn't used to certain local bugs. Your immune system hasn't developed the same defenses as someone who lives around the world.

It's important to know what triggers you should be looking out for to tip you off that a parasite might be an issue for you, but try not to give into hypochondria - there are other causes for these symptoms, and there might be a bigger underlying issue like low stomach activity.

Intestinal parasite symptoms include:

  • gassy after meals
  • weak or no appetite at meals
  • fatigue or weakness
  • poor concentration
  • eyes are sensitive to light
  • facial coloring is noticeably pale
  • tingling in lips, fingers, arms and legs
  • chest pains
  • very rapid or slow heartbeat
  • slow reflexes
  • pain in your navel
  • eating more than normal but still hungry
  • blurry or unclear vision
  • pain in back, thighs or shoulder
  • drooling while sleeping
  • grinding teeth at night
  • dry lips during the day
  • wetting the bed

If you notice a lot of these intestinal parasite symptoms at once, it would be a good idea to go visit your doctor or naturopath and get yourself tested for parasites. It's an especially good idea to get tested if you've been traveling to a lot of different countries recently, particularly in less developed areas.

Have you noticed any of these intestinal parasite symptoms? Do you have enough of them that you think you have some type of infection, or do you think it's an underlying issue or something totally different? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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Hey guys, this is Heather from Today, I want to talk to you about something not terribly fun but it’s important to talk about, and that is intestinal parasite symptoms. It really isn’t a very attractive subject and, so I’m glad I’m sitting in a rather attractive location here at Phil’s parent’s place.

Anyway, it can be really difficult to figure out if you have some form of parasite because the symptoms on their own – each individual symptom are fairly common. But, the thing is if you put them all together and you have a lot of them, it’s an actually quite distinctive.

Now, self diagnosing can be very tricky, there is the tendency to be hypochondria, which is if you feel that you have these symptoms, and you know, if there’s a list of 15 symptoms and if you have four of them, you might feel like – Oh, maybe that’s what I have.

But, if you look at the overall picture, four out of fifteen isn’t really that many, and those symptoms could be indicating something else that maybe you’re not thinking of, where an outside person looking at your situation might see something totally different, because they are taking into consideration a whole wide range of different things.

So, I think it’s important to know about the symptoms of these kinds of things, but I also thinks it’s important to get an outside opinion and its one of the reason I put together my health kick start program was to give you guys an outside opinion on symptoms that you guys might be experiencing and help you figure out what systems that might be out of balance.

If you’re interested on that, head over to and let’s talk a little bit about parasites now.

So, a couple of years ago, when I was going through my nutrition program, I had to do an assessment on my self, which was pretty tricky because like I said, self diagnosing very tricky business. I came up with a lot of the symptoms of parasites and, so I decide to try a cleanse, because that’s what of the main treatments for parasites is to do a cleanse.

I chose an herbal product from renew life, I have the link on my blog at, if you want to check that out – really great cleanse and I had some good result with it. But, I didn’t, it didn’t clear up everything and what I found after I did that cleanse and did another assessment on myself is that I realized that the underlying root-cause was low stomach activity.

And if I hadn’t figure that out, then I’ll just keep getting parasite because, or bacteria or yeast infections in my intestines because the stomach acids keep those things at bay and that’s really a common cause of a lot of different symptoms but not everyone.

You know, everyone has different imbalances but that’s what I found for myself, and then once I started clearing that up – whole bunch of good things happened and I had really good health levels since then.

So, one thing in particular I want to say about parasites is that there are some really serious types of parasites. Those are the kinds that you picked up traveling in places where your body is not used to whatever is going on in that system like bacteria, or viruses, or parasites and things.

If you’re not used to the area, you know the local people might have not problem because their immune system has developed with these things, but if you’re traveling in, you can get some serious infections. So, you want to be really careful.

If you’re traveling a lot, especially if you’re traveling to less developed areas, those are more likely to have these kinds of things. If that’s the case, you really want to go and see a doctor if you have many symptoms of parasites to get yourself tested and to see if it’s something serious.

But then, there are less serious ones and when I was looking at myself and potentially having some form of parasite or bacteria – I haven’t been traveling anywhere crazy, so I wasn’t concerned about something serious and that’s why I did the herbal cleanse.

If you do suspect something serious, definitely go to a doctor right away because you might need some more intense cleansing. Anyway, I wrote down some of the symptoms of parasites infections to share with you guys today.

Some of the most distinct ones would be tingling in your lips, your fingers, your arms, or your legs. So, if you feel like pins and needles, especially in you a lip that’s not a very common thing to have so pay attention to that.

Very rapid or slow heart beat and either side of the spectrum could be – if your vision gets blurry, like if you’re always seeing kind of fog in front of you, not really in the morning, everyone has a bit of fog when they wake up, but if it goes on through the day.

When you sleep, if you drool a lot and grind your teeth – that could be a symptom of intestinal parasite and that’s one of the main things for me because I grind my teeth a lot at night, so that’s one of the big clue for me that take me off to this.

And then, wetting the bed - if you have issues with that, you’ve probably have some kind serious infection because most people don’t do that, right? When we get older – so you can check out my blog, I have a whole list of all of these symptoms there and just try not to give in to the hypochondria effect, but definitely check it out and see if you have any of those symptoms.

I want to hear from you guys, whether you have had symptoms of these in the past or you think you do, and whether you feel like it’s something that you think is an issue or if you think its something more of an underlying – there’s something bigger this like maybe the slow stomach activity.

Let me know, leave me a comment and I hope everyone is pretty healthy.

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