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Curried Teff Pilaf Stuffed Squash *Video

Flavorful curried teff pilaf stuffed into roasted kabocha squash

I was challenged to a vegan cookoff by Candice, aka The Edgy Veg. We recruited Whitney, aka Eco-Vegan Gal, to be our judge. She chose 3 ingredients for us, and we each had to come up with a recipe.

Our ingredients were teff, kabocha squash and nutmeg. All lovely, and wonderful for fall cooking.

I love nutmeg with curry spices, so I mixed those together and toasted them into a teff pilaf, which I piled atop a super soft roasted kabocha squash.

If you have trouble finding a kabocha squash, this will work wonderfully with any winter squash - buttercup, hubbard or butternut would be the best ones. You can also make things faster by using an eggplant, zucchini or tomato instead of the squash! Just scoop out the insides to roast, and add the insides to the pilaf.

And if you can't find teff (I had a bit of an ordeal), you can easily swap in any other whole grain - brown rice, quinoa, millet, amaranth - anything, just note that the cooking time will change for different grains so use the standard cooking times for the one you use.

Help me win the cookoff - I need your vote! Just leave a comment below as your vote, and/or click 'like' on the youtube video and/or my facebook post.

Curried Teff Pilaf Stuffed Squash

Prep time:
Makes 5-6 servings


Balsamic-Herb Toasted Almonds

Super easy and healthy way to make a really tasty snack from raw almonds!

Dry toasting almonds brings out their natural flavors, which pair perfectly with a glaze of balsamic vinegar and savory herbs.

It's a really easy way to make raw almonds super-tasty, and works great as a snack or chopped up on top of a paella or salad.

Balsamic-Herb Toasted Almonds

Prep time:
Makes 1/2 cup of almonds


Super Green White Bean Dip

Put white beans and kale in your food processor for a super green dip

This dip is packed with nutrients - protein and minerals in the beans, vitamins and antioxidants in the kale and amino acids and minerals in the spices.

Plus it tastes awesome as a dip or a spread in a sandwich!

So get making 'em!

Super Green White Bean Dip

Prep time:
Makes about 2 cups of dip


Omega-3-Pumped Squares

These squares are deceptively delicious because they are so incredibly healthy, and totally pumped up with omega-3 fatty acids

These squares are so tasty that you wouldn't guess they're super healthy and pumped up with seeds (like flax) that are rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids.

One square (from a batch of 16) has 3358mg of omega-6 and 1474mg of Omega-3, which gives them a ratio of 2.3:1. That means they will help tip the balance back to the more appropriate 4:1 ratio you should aim for.

So get making 'em!

Omega-3-Pumped Squares

Prep time:
Chill time:
Total time:
Makes 16 squares


Attila's Wild Garlic Gnocchi Recipe + Cookbook Giveaway!

Attila's Wild Garlic Gnocchi Recipe

Gnocchi (potato pasta) is a wonderfully satisfying vegan meal, and hits that savory part of our cravings or tastebuds.

This recipe comes from Attila Hildmann, bestselling German cookbook author and celebrity chef who says he went from fat ass to bad ass. Check out more about him, and enter the giveaway for his cookbooks here!

Attila says, “Sugar snap peas are delicately sweet and tender and only need to be blanched very briefly. But be careful at the grocery store not to get them mixed up with pea pods!”

Attila's Wild Garlic Gnocchi Recipe

Prep time:
Makes 2 servings


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