Fighting Flu Season…

Fighting Flu Season…
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Get ready to fight the flu Season

This year, my mom caught a really vicious strain of the flu. She’s starting to recover, but asked me for my advice to help get better more quickly.

I sent her an email with my thoughts, and then realized it would probably be helpful to some of you, too!

So I’m sharing what I told her – in exchange, please send my mom your positive thoughts so that she heals quickly 🙂

Strategies to fight the flu and colds naturally:

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Have you been overcome with the flu this season? If so, I hope this helps! Or keep it on hand for next cold/flu season…

It can also help to do a short cleanse. For an immune boost I usually an alkalizing and mineral-rich veggie cleanse to lighten things up while still getting all the nutrients and fiber your body needs to function and purge any toxins that need to be released.

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