Online Cooking Class Survey Results

Online Cooking Class Survey Results
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Ayn was in the January live class and sent me this picture of her screen

Thanks to the hundreds of people who filled out my online cooking class survey in the last month!

Your answers confirm I’m on the right track with this new online cooking class product I’ll be releasing next week, and they’ll inform much of what I do for you this year in terms of both free stuff and paid products/services.

I thought you might like to see some survey results. Let’s start with the basics.

  • Online Access. 80% of you said you would prefer access to a members-only website where you can watch the cooking classes online, download them if you want, and leave questions for me. With that, we went ahead and created a whole new website just for the cooking classes, and it’s looking pretty cool.
  • DVD. Even though only 20% of people wanted a set of DVDs, we still spent at least a week putting them together and ran into so many technical glitches that we finally had to scrap them. So unfortunately, no DVD.
  • Age. As I’ve discovered before, I have about the same number of people tuning in from every age group (although Phil made a funny error when creating the survey this time: he listed age 20-30, 30-40, etc. instead of 20-29, 30-39, etc., so there was some duplication in the categories – not the end of the world).
  • Kids. I was curious about how many of you have kids and it turns out it’s about equal, with 60% of you having kids and 40% without.

Now on to what you most want to learn about. The most common theme is that people want to know more about the healthy side of cooking. You want to make healthy meals, but it’s important they taste good, too.

That’s where the fun comes in for me, coming up with recipes and cooking techniques that are both healthy and tasty!

And most of you are busy, so you want simple meals that can be made quickly. You also want to learn basic cooking techniques, how to properly combine foods and how to use herbs and spices.

So those are the most important things I’ve been keeping in my mind, and it’s exactly what the online cooking classes are all about.

By the way, I’m launching the online cooking class website late next week. It’s a paid product that teaches you how to cook simple, healthy, tasty meals.

I’ll be sending a few emails throughout the week with some fun free videos I’m going to be making for you to celebrate this latest cooking class adventure!


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