How Important Is Healthy Eating If You Can Fall Off Your Bike?

How Important Is Healthy Eating If You Can Fall Off Your Bike?
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

If you get in an accident or something happens beyond your control, you might find yourself asking the question how important is healthy eating, really? If any day, you could wind up lying in a hospital bed, is eating kale really worth it?

I got thinking about this today after hearing that my dad had a bad fall off his bike from hitting some black ice and broke his hip really badly. He had to have a plate and screws and such put in to repair it.

He’s in hospital for a few days after having surgery, and then it’ll be a slow process for him to be able to walk normally. Luckily, he’s in really good shape otherwise, so I hope he’ll be able to come back from this without too much trouble.

Although it might not prevent an accident, being as healthy as you can be can help you heal faster from an injury and help you be more positive and have more energy to put into your recovery.

Getting the right nutrients for your body to heal is crucial, so having a baseline of health to start from rather than a deficiency can make a huge difference.

I’m definitely going to be ordering him some nutrient supplements to support his bones and his system in general heal as quickly as possible.

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I was also thinking about the role of healthy eating after watching a TED talk by A.J. Jacobs called ‘How Healthy Living Nearly Killed Me‘.

He talks about some aspects of health (diet, exercise, stress and noise reduction) can be really helpful, and also how others that get excessive can actually cause more stress (worrying about wearing enough sunscreen and wearing a helmet at all times).

Healthy eating plays a big role in building a healthy life – it’s not the only part, but it’s a big part. It can make a huge improvement in your energy levels, mood and quality of life.

But if certain things you’re doing to be healthy are causing you a lot of stress, it makes sense to take a step back and look at the big picture.

Having a green smoothie every day is fantastic if you enjoy it – but if you spend an hour dreading it, and another hour gagging afterwards you might be better off getting your veggies in a soup that you enjoy. You’ll still get nutrients, but avoid the stress.

This isn’t an excuse to cop out on healthy eating, though! You should try to do the things that are nourishing to your body, just don’t go overboard to the point that it interferes with your happiness, your relationships or your sanity.


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