Benefit Of Flaxseed

Benefit Of Flaxseed
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

The benefit of flaxseed comes mostly from its high omega-3 and fiber content, which are both things that are underrepresented in a standard diet.

Flax also has lots of minerals, like phosphorus and magnesium, and vitamins, especially folic acid thiamin.

Not only does flaxseed have a lot of nutrition, it works fantastically as a binder so I use it a lot in baking and veggie burgers to replace eggs.

One of my favorite things is to blend flax with cocoa powder, banana and water or almond milk to make a chocolate pudding.

The best way to enjoy your flaxseeds are to grind up the whole seeds in a coffee grinder or high-powered blender with a flat blade. You have to break the hard shell to get the nutrients.

Always keep your flaxseeds in the fridge, before and after grinding them, because they’ll go rancid quickly.

If you have trouble with digestion, you might not get everything out of the flax that you can, and need an even more concentrated source of omega-3 fatty acids. In that case, using cold-pressed unrefined flax oil can be helpful.

Be sure to buy one that’s been kept refrigerated, and the best is if it’s in an opaque bottle because light exposure can cause rancidity.

Chia, hemp and sacha inchi seeds are all also great sources of omega-3, but the reason I like flax so much is that it’s really cheap and it’s easy to find in North America.

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