9 foods that boost metabolism naturally

9 foods that boost metabolism naturally
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Learn to get an instant metabolism boost

When trying to lose weight, people usually focus on cutting calories. On restriction.

But it’s so much more fun, and so much healthier, to focus on the abundance of nutrients–vitamins, minerals, antioxidants–we get when we enjoy whole plant foods!

And there are some plant foods that boost metabolism naturally. That means they are foods that help burn fat.

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How amazing is that???

(I know I lied… the first one isn’t a food… but it’s really important to maintaining a healthy metabolism!)

Side effects may include improved blood sugar balance, healthy skin and nails, more energy, improved blood pressure and blood cholesterol, better brain function, and more!

Stay tuned later this week for a smoothie including some of these foods that boost metabolism naturally… guess which ones in the comments!

My friend Fifi, The Divine Hostess on YouTube, will also be posting her take on a metabolism-boosting smoothie.

We’ll be sharing those on Sunday, as a post-holiday treat in case you indulged a bit too much at the BBQ…

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