Is It Worth Choosing Quality Over Quantity?

Is It Worth Choosing Quality Over Quantity?
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.


When it comes to food, it’s always good if you can choose quality over quantity. It’s especially important for fresh produce (aka fruits and veggies), but I’ve noticed a huge difference in some molasses I just bought.

I couldn’t find my regular brand of molasses (Wholesome Sweeteners), and I was really surprised at how different the gingerbread cookies I made with it tasted. I usually talk about quality in terms of the level of nutrients in the food, but it also has to do with just with the taste.

If you find your recipes tasting flat or bitter, try getting different brands for ingredients. I’ve also been using a different tahini for salad dressings, and it has more bitterness than my regular brand.

It could be the quality of the sesame seeds, or the roasting process, or the pureeing. Whatever the reason, my salad dressing tastes totally different than usual.

Have you found a taste difference in lower-quality ingredients? Let me know below.

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