Come On A Beach Run With Me!

Come On A Beach Run With Me!
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

I wanted to share my favorite running route with you – along the beach in Bermuda. There’s a trail through the trees and grass that winds along some cliffs above the ocean, so there are some gorgeous views.

I also wanted to share what I eat before and after a run. Not that it’s perfect for everyone, it’s just what works best for me.

I love looking at the ocean while I run, it helps keep me going. And this trail is pretty challenging, so I need that!

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I’ve been getting better at running on the sandy bits. I realized that if I slowed down the pace of my feet, it works better. If I try to keep a normal pace I just tire myself out.

Many thanks to my videographer, who had a camera strapped to his head for the running section! It wouldn’t stay put on my head…

The nice thing about running on sand or grass is that it’s easier on my feet. If you find that you’re getting shin splints or any kind of pressure injury, you might need to find a trail rather than asphalt.

What works for you to eat before and after a run or workout? Let me know below!


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