6 Healthy Vegan Snack Ideas To Keep You From Pigging Out

6 Healthy Vegan Snack Ideas To Keep You From Pigging Out
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.


If you’re at a loss for healthy vegan snack ideas, don’t worry. I have 6 easy ones for you to try.

I always like to have a plan in the back of my mind for when I get starving between meals. Otherwise, I wind up eating something that’s either not the healthiest or doesn’t satisfy me and I just keep on eating.

Snacking is great to keep your energy levels up and keep you from overeating at your next meal, but snacking constantly through the day isn’t that great. It ruins your appetite, overworks your digestive system and you can add a lot of calories to your day without thinking about it.

So snack intelligently – pick healthy options, and make a specific time for it.


What could be easier than throwing some fruit in a blender and pressing a button? Add some fresh sprouts, lettuce or kale for a super-nutritious boost.


Whole fresh fruit is what’s even easier than a smoothie! Cutting an apple into slices for some reason makes it so much nicer to eat for me.

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Muesli is like an uncooked granola. You can easily make your own by mixing together rolled oats, raisins, chopped dates, sunflower seeds, chopped almonds, shredded coconut and some ground cinnamon. Pour some nut/grain milk on top, add a few berries and you have a delicious and energizing snack.

Ants On A Log

Phil and I used to make this all the time on road trips. A piece of celery filled with peanut/almond/sunflower/hemp butter is the log, and a line of raisins are the ants. Some people say this snack is for kids, but the rest of us know that it’s just as good when you’re an ‘adult’.

Veggies With Dip

Keeping a homemade bean dip on hand is always a good plan, so that when you get home and you’re starving you can just pull it out of the fridge. Dip into it with carrots or celery, put a spoonful on top of cucumber or zucchini ‘crackers’, wrap it in a piece of lettuce with some grated carrots… whatever works!

Healthy Cookies

Yes, you really can make healthy cookies! Try my low-fat oatmeal cookies– they make a great snack. Just use whole ingredients, limit the fat and the sugar, and don’t let yourself eat 10 of them in a row. This is a snack, after all.

What are your favorite healthy vegan snack ideas? I’m sure you have some… Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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