Chocolate Krinkles V2 And Whole Foods Meal Plan

Chocolate Krinkles V2 And Whole Foods Meal Plan
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Last week I filmed my chocolate krinkle recipe, and today I have a whole foods variation of them for you using dates and cocoa powder instead of chocolate…

Whole Foods Chocolate Krinkles

Prep time:
Chill Time:
Time from start to eating:
Makes 6 krinkles

I know a lot of you are like me, and like to make ridiculously yummy treats from whole foods when you can, so I made this variation as part of my new online meal plan program.

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A couple of people were asking me about this recipe in the forum for the healthy eating plan, so I thought to properly answer I would film the recipe for them – and share it with you!

I often make these with carob powder instead of cocoa, and they’re phenomenal that way too. I love the flavor of carob with dates, they go really well.

Carob also makes them a bit sweeter than with cocoa, so you might want to use non-dairy milk for moisture rather than the maple syrup if you use carob.

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