11 Simple, Fast, Delicious Nutritionally-Balanced Vegan Recipes 2

11 Simple, Fast, Delicious Nutritionally-Balanced Vegan Recipes 2
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

“PLUS 11 Vital Lessons From A Holistic Nutritionist!”

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“It’s only been a week of transitioning and I feel so fantastic.” Bridget, Minneapolis, MN

Along with the vegan recipes, I include some other tips on:

  • How to boost your energy with the right foods
  • What we can learn from looking at a vegan diet plan
  • The secret to weight loss, with the most important shift to make
  • Why people don’t like vegetables, and what to do about it
  • Which oils to use for optimal health and how to use them
  • How to cook for maximum nutrition
  • How to make food taste great and still be healthy
  • The healthy foods to eat (that even many healthy eating diet plans ignore)
  • The unhealthy foods everyone should avoid when on a healthy diet
  • Some simple exercise tips to help you shape up
  • The supplements everyone should take with your healthy eating plan
  • And then how to determine what’s right specifically for your body

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“I admire you for all the work and thought that you have put into this. What an array of foods that are healthy and what I want and need to eat!” Susie

“I think what you offer is unique in its delivery and so helpful for visual learners (like me).” Bridget, Minneapolis, MN


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