Jenn Walters – Exercise For Weight Loss

Jenn Walters – Exercise For Weight Loss
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

I’m talking to Jenn Walters, a personal and group trainer and co-founder of Fit Bottomed Girls, about exercise for weight loss: how to start an exercise program, why strength training is some of the best exercise for weight loss, how to break through a plateau and how to tell if you’re overtraining.

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Key Points

  • It’s fine to exercise for weight loss, but exercise goes even further. Working out helps develop both the inside and the outside, and often the physical results are just a byproduct. Exercise is like a gateway drug – it releases endorphins, makes you feel good, and opens up your life to all kinds of different possibilities.
  • How to start an exercise program: Make a list of 5 activities that you enjoy doing (walking the dog, playing with your kids, gardening, etc), and do them twice a week. Start with something small that you can accomplish and have fun doing, and you can add more and more activity from there.
  • Strength training is a super important exercise for weight loss because it builds muscle, which is how you physically change the way your body looks. Don’t get hung up with the numbers on the scale, because someone who weighs 135 pounds looks a lot different when they have a lot of muscle vs mostly fat. Women build muscle differently than men, so don’t worry about getting ‘bulky’.


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