Lori & Michelle Corso – Fitness Motivation

Lori & Michelle Corso – Fitness Motivation
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

I’m talking with Lori and Michelle Corso, the Pure2Raw twins, about how to keep up your fitness motivation, and how fitness works together with healthy eating for a happy and healthy life.

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Key Points

  • Fitness motivation is about finding the kind of workout that you enjoy, and that you’ll do on a regular basis. Consistency is so important for seeing results, and then you can work harder to continuously challenge yourself.
  • To keep your fitness motivation up, look at the long term goals and overall health, set weekly and/or monthly goals to track progress, talk to and follow friends (social media and blogging helps!), find a workout partner and even if you only have time to do 25 pushups do something.
  • Find the foods that give you energy for your workouts, both before and after. But keep it simple – whole foods are really what your body needs. Some of Lori and Michelle’s favorites: chia seeds, Vega protein powder, smoothies with dark leafy greens (especially post-workout) and sweet potatoes.


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