Don’t Start A New Fad Healthy Diet Plan Until You Read This

Don’t Start A New Fad Healthy Diet Plan Until You Read This
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Phil and I have tried a lot of things that might seem crazy in our search for a healthy diet plan. We started out slow, shifting to a vegetarian then a vegan diet plan.

From there, we tried 100% raw food, green smoothie and other cleanses, superfood binges and some experiments with different supplements.

Phil’s usually the one who wants to try some extreme diet plan, and I’m usually the one to eventually push us back to a more balanced healthy eating plan. But the thing is, we wouldn’t know what ‘balanced’ means for us if we never tried these extreme experiments.

There are the basics of a healthy diet plan that can apply to everyone, but people are biochemically unique so certain things work better for some than others.

My brother, for example, was having terrible indigestion after moving to New York from Shanghai. The change in diet made him bloated and gassy. So for a while, he practiced strict food combining.

It really helped – enough so that he had to have all of his suits altered because his stomach went back to a normal size.

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It wasn’t that he lost weight – it was that he didn’t have gas and food stuck in there making it bigger than it should have been.

Now, that was my brother’s experience. Other people might not notice any change at all if they try strict food combining.

You can say the same thing for low fat diet plans, low carb diet plans, the master cleanse, and all kinds of other diet plans. They might work really well for some people, but not at all for others.

Whenever someone asks me about what a ‘perfect’ healthy diet plan is, I often get caught up in trying to explain that everyone is different, so there’s not one perfect diet plan, and you have to listen to your body to figure out what works for you.

But in my explanation, I can skip over one very important factor. In order to get to a level of health where you can listen to your own body and make the decisions that are right for you, you need to clear up your own individual imbalances.

Once you correct those, you can then move forward in your path to optimal health by tuning into your body’s messages. but until then, you get mixed messages and warped messages that might be leading you astray.

Believe it or not, the most effective and efficient way to correct an imbalance is often to follow a healthy diet plan that is also imbalanced, but it has to be imbalanced in the right way to correct the imbalance in your body – otherwise it’ll either backfire on you or have no effect at all.

Our experiments have shown us the effects of a bunch of different diet plans. There is a better way though, which is to do an online consultation with me to figure out your imbalance and correct it.

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