Diet Plans – How Healthy Weight Loss Can Improve Your Life

Diet Plans – How Healthy Weight Loss Can Improve Your Life
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

You already know that diet plans for healthy weight loss can make it easier for you to walk to the grocery store or up the stairs without huffing and puffing, and that you can feel more self-confident at a healthy weight. Beyond the surface, there are also significant benefits of getting on a healthy eating plan, which can help motivate you to stick to diet plans.

Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke

Diet is strongly linked to development of cardiovascular disease, including high cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Achieving healthy weight loss through the use of diet plans is a great strategy for minimizing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and more serious events like heart attacks or strokes.

Of the eight ways the American Heart Association gives for preventing and treating heart disease, a healthy diet meal plan and maintaining a healthy weight are two of the top three. Along with weight loss, effective diet plans will incorporate foods that have shown positive benefits for cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and eliminate those foods that have shown negative effects. For instance, oats have been shown to be helpful in various ways for minimizing the risk and symptoms of heart disease.

Diabetes & Blood Sugar

The progression and effects of type 2 diabetes are strongly related to diet, and forming healthy eating habits can make a huge difference in preventing or reducing the impact of this form of diabetes. Weight loss has created dramatic results in some, and more moderate results in others, but is a definite shift towards a healthier lifestyle.

Since many mainstream diet plans include sugary treats and pastas that will not improve your blood sugar fluctuations, you need to look for healthy meal plans that incorporate healthy carbohydrates like brown rice, lentils and lots of fresh vegetables.

Vegetarian diet plans and vegan diet plans are a good step. A balanced diet plan is an important step in regaining control over blood sugar levels. For those with diabetes, healthy eating meal plans unfortunately do not replace medication but help limit wide blood sugar fluctuations.

Joint Stress, Arthritis

Your joints, particularly your hips and knees, are under a lot of stress every day. They have to hold you up, move around with you, and can take a beating in athletics. As you age, arthritis becomes more likely. Although diet plans may not seem like the obvious answer, healthy weight loss can really help.

Every pound of weight you lose relieves two times the pressure on your joints, so losing 5 pounds takes 10 pounds of pressure off your knees and hips. This can have a huge impact on your mobility if you suffer from arthritis or joint pain, and can reduce the wear and tear on your joints if you maintain a healthy weight from a young age.

Certain foods cause inflammation, which is the cause of arthritis symptoms. Good healthy diet plans can show you how to limit these foods and reduce the pain of arthritis and other inflammatory problems.

Healthy eating for weight loss plays a critical role in limiting the impact of these major health issues on your life, both immediately and for the rest of your life. Well-balanced diet meal plans can start you on the path to healthy weight loss.

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