What to Eat on a Detox Diet Plan

What to Eat on a Detox Diet Plan
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

When you look at going on a detox diet plan, there are a lot of strategies you can choose from. I’ve tried lots of different cleanses, although I didn’t always see them as cleanses at the time.

Some of these diets can be good as a cleanse and also long term to maintain health, while others are best kept in their place as a shorter term cleanse. The more changes you make to go on a detox diet plan, the more changes you will see in yourself as a result.

That doesn’t mean drastic changes are necessary, though – even mild changes will give you mild results.

Simplified Diet

Simplifying your diet for a short period can have some great benefits as a cleanse. Stick to fresh fruits and vegetables (raw or lightly cooked by steaming or baking without oil), whole grains (sprouted and/or cooked), raw or sprouted seeds, and legumes (sprouted and/or cooked).

Avoid everything on the elimination list from last week, as well as breads, baked goods and nuts. Avoid combining too many different types of foods together, particularly proteins with starches or fats, or fruits with anything but leafy greens.

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Vegan Diet Plan

A vegan diet plan can make a great detox, although it still needs to follow the rule of eliminating processed and refined foods. Many of those unhealthy foods are vegan, but are still quite toxic to your body. As a cleanse, emphasize fresh vegetables and fruit. If you already follow a vegetarian diet plan, try eliminating dairy for a few days or a week.

You might be surprised at the lightness you feel and the symptoms you can eliminate by taking a break from dairy.


The term mono-diet is usually used to refer to a diet of strictly one food, like only apples all day. Some people take a mono-diet in a macrobiotic direction, sticking to just brown rice, sometimes along with some vegetable or miso soups.

Raw Food

You could also do a detox with all raw foods, or all green vegetables, or all fruits. These aren’t technically mono-diets, but follow a similar strategy of drastically simplifying the diet. Raw foods include lots of fresh produce, raw and/or sprouted seeds, legumes and nuts.

Liquid Diet

Some people take a detox approach of having only liquid foods, like smoothies all day, or lots of pureed vegetable soup. These are slightly different than a juice fast, since you’re getting the fiber and bulk of the whole foods.


One thing that these detox diet plans have in common is that they focus on foods that are alkalizing to the body. Since a Western diet is high in acidifying foods (dairy, meat, grains), it makes sense that our most popular detoxes involve reducing that acidity. Alkalinity in foods happens to coincide with the foods that are most detoxifying and least congesting.

When you start a detox diet plan, no matter which route you choose, the important point is to set your rules ahead of time. It makes sticking to them through the process much easier, since you don’t have to think about whether or not you’re allowed a certain thing. You should still follow the rule of waiting for your stomach to grumble before eating, since it means that your digestive system is ready for more food.

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