Healthy Detox Plan For Spring Cleansing

Healthy Detox Plan For Spring Cleansing
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

A healthy detox plan is a great thing to do on a regular basis. I like to do a simple cleanse with the change of each season, as a reminder of good habits for a healthy eating plan and get me out of whatever rut I might be in with cravings or addictions.

There are so many detox plans out there. Some get to be really popular, and lots of people do them on their own after reading a book or hearing about it from a friend. But a lot of them aren’t really a healthy way to cleanse – especially if you don’t do them right.

The trouble is, people often get into doing a really intense type of cleanse – like the Master Cleanse – without understanding it properly. Without supervision or feedback, there’s a big chance that you can make things in your system worse rather than better.

The other issue is that there’s a good chance your cleanse won’t be very effective if you do it on your own. You might not be doing the type of cleanse that’s appropriate for you, and you also might not be doing everything you could to actually flush toxins from your body.

One of the most important parts of a cleanse is to make sure your colon is working perfectly to flush out any toxins. And another crucial part of colon health is that the beneficial bacteria are kept in balance so that you don’t cause an overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeasts after your cleanse.

Healthy Detox Plan Support And Supervision

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If you’re considering doing a cleanse, my advice is to keep it short and simple – like a 3-day green smoothie cleanse – or get yourself in a well-organized, supervised healthy detox plan.

If you want to learn more about the basics of a healthy detox plan, here are 10 articles to get you started:

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