Post-cleanse meals: Why they’re important to plan + recipe ideas

Post-cleanse meals: Why they’re important to plan + recipe ideas
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

If you started your year with a cleanse, it’s important to know what to eat to shift back to long-term healthy meals.

And on Chinese New Year’s Eve gives us a chance to review and refine our resolutions or intentions from January 1, so we can carry them through for the rest of the year.

Post-Cleanse Recipes:

  1. Warm soba noodle salad
  2. Ginger coconut pumpkin soup
  3. Spaghetti squash with buckwheat meatballs
  4. Sweet potato and beet soup
  5. Sesame steamed broccoli and quinoa
  6. Quinoa cranberry cookies
  7. Sweet Purple Funghi Burgers
  8. Matcha Lime Chia Pudding

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Now is a great time to evaluate what’s worked so far in January, and continue to practice healthy cooking and vegan recipes. It doesn’t have to be about perfection all at once – you just have to start to build a consistent post-holiday routine.

If you’d like some help, some support, some guidance, join me for a free 7-day program showing you how to declutter your habits and up-level your health. You can start right here, and download your declutter checklist.

Letting go of the habits that don’t serve us is the best way to move forward.

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