Vegan Cooking 101: Grocery List

Vegan Cooking 101: Grocery List
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Vegan Cooking 101

Grocery list to stock your kitchen with nutrient-dense vegan foods

A solid grocery list is the first step on your way to success with a healthy eating plan. I put together a shopping list to help you stock your kitchen for this vegan cooking 101 series.

If your cupboards and fridge are full of junk, that’s what you’ll eat. If you fill your kitchen with healthful foods instead, you’ll make it much easier to follow through and achieve your goals.

My list shows you exactly what to buy for the recipes that will follow in this series. Since I’m vegan, you won’t find any meat, dairy, eggs or honey on the list.

Download your printable grocery list.

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If you make sure you have a variety of healthful foods in your kitchen, you can always pull together a healthy meal. Even if you don’t have exactly what a specific recipe calls for, you should have the components you need for substitutions.

I put together a pdf as a printable grocery list for you to save on your phone, or take with you to the store.

Any questions? Let me know below.

Coming up next: 3 steps to make your meals exceptionally healthy

Since I’ve learned how to make super-flavorful meals that are also packed with nutrients, I know that food is so much more than something to just fill up my stomach.

There will also be a recipe for a nutrient-dense avocado dip, that you could use in any number of ways.

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