3 Solutions to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

3 Solutions to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

I know a lot of people come to healthy eating, and to a vegan diet, when they’re trying to lose weight. If you’re overweight, it’s so easy to feel unhealthy and feed bad about yourself.

The worst is when you just can’t lose the extra weight, no matter how many diets you try or how little you eat. Maybe you started losing weight, but now you’re stuck.

I want to give you 3 solutions to break through the plateau.

Healthy Outlook On Weight Loss

Before I go into the tips though, I want to make sure you remember that weight loss is only a step in the big picture. If you think about the things you want to do in your life, you’ll have a lot more motivation than just losing 20lbs.

Weight loss will never bring you happiness until you’re happy with yourself – and you can love yourself no matter what size you are.

When I talk about being in a healthy weight range, that doesn’t mean looking like the girls in magazines – they’re not healthy, and that’s not a good or a realistic goal to aim for.

You need to find the right balance for you, and that can happen at a lot of different weights and sizes.

The key is to nourish and balance your body, while breaking habits and cleansing your system to allow your body to heal, re-balance, and move to its ideal weight.

The simple view of managing calories in vs calories out is NOT the full picture. There are a few factors that can get in the way of your body losing weight, and can cause you to plateau. I’m going to take you through 3 of those now, and strategies to overcome them.

1. Too Few Calories

It might be that you’re eating too little, or have eaten too little for too long. Your metabolism will slow down to match your intake, so if you don’t eat enough your body is going to hold on to whatever you do eat and it’s not going to burn fat.

Essentially, it’s trying to save a store of energy because it thinks you’re never going to feed it properly again.

The other issue that comes up when you eat too little is that you often aren’t getting enough nutrients – the vitamins and minerals that support and nourish your body, without which you might face intense cravings. Then if you give in to those cravings, you’ll most likely overeat.


  • Make sure you eat enough to sustain your energy and metabolism
  • Eat lots of nutrient-dense foods (vegetables, fruit, whole grains, beans)
  • Vary your routine (like with a short 3-day tune-up)

2. Wrong Foods

Sometimes it’s not that you’re eating too much or too little, but that you’re eating the wrong types of foods. If your balance of macronutrients (fats, proteins, carbs) is off by too much, your metabolism will be off.

If there’s too much protein or fat to digest, it winds up as waste product and your body doesn’t burn the fuel efficiently.

Or maybe there’s a sneaky source of calories that you don’t realize. The sugar and calories in sodas, fruit juice and lattes add up over time. Baked goods, like muffins and cookies, have an enormous amount of calories for their size, and even bagels pack a lot more calories in than you might guess.


Eat healthy whole plant foods! (vegetables, fruit, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds) A few times a year, doing a short cleanse is a great way to hit the reset button, and max out on vitamins and minerals without excess calories – but enough to fuel your energy needs.

3. Gland Imbalance, Liver/Kidney Issues

Our glands are responsible for regulating our metabolism, so if they’re not working properly we won’t be burning calories the way we’re supposed to.

Our liver is the primary organ for fat digestion, so if it’s not working properly we’ll have issues with digesting and burning fat.

Our kidneys help process and eliminate waste, so they’re also crucial to a healthy system.


Stop punishing these organs! Glands are pummeled into sluggishness by too much refined sugars and stress. Our liver is overwhelmed when we have too much refined oils.

Those factors are so common these days! It’s no wonder there are so many gland and liver imabalances.

You can rebalance with a quick cleanse, allowing the glands/liver/kidneys to get caught up and be able to work efficiently again. There may be nutrients or supplements necessary to fully rebalance, but a simple cleanse will go a long way to getting them back on track.

The cleanse program I set up is perfect to rebalance from any of these issues, while still nourishing your body with the nutrients and energy you need.

Think Long Term

The key to maintaining weight loss and sticking at a healthy weight is to have a long term plan, with a focus on:

  • Nourishing your body
  • Balance
  • Breaking habits
  • Changing up your routine

Doing short cleanses periodically during the year helps keep me on track to be healthy and happy every day.

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