Not enough energy from following fad diets?

Not enough energy from following fad diets?
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

The trouble with fad diets is they encourage you to restrict calories or carbs or protein or fat or … something! There’s always some kind of restriction. And that leads to feeling deprived. And that often leads to cravings and binges. Which leads to feeling bad about yourself… which is so wrong!

There is a better way – you can lose the weight and keep all the energy you need to live the life you deserve:

When you reframe from the idea of restriction…

…and instead focus on the abundance of nutrient-dense foods you can use to make incredibly delicious meals, you’ll have all the energy and healthy you need to live an amazing life

And yeah, lose weight too! And keep it off for the long term. And with all that nourishment, your cravings will slowly fade away.


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