Can You See The Big Picture Of Healthy Eating?

Can You See The Big Picture Of Healthy Eating?
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.


It’s so easy to get your head stuck down thinking about the small details – like individual nutrients – that you forget to keep the big picture of healthy eating in mind.

I get asked a lot of questions about nutrition, as you can probably imagine. Emails from viewers, and also questions when I’m hanging out with friends and family.

One of my issues in giving good answers in person is that I’m ridiculously shy. I have trouble being comfortable with people I don’t know really well, and especially when I’m in a group.

Another issue I have is that I don’t like to push my views onto people. I love creating videos because I can put them out there, and the people who are ready to hear the message will watch and learn.

Overall, I think a soft approach is pretty effective, but when you combine that with my shyness I often miss out on putting my views out there enough.

A third issue for me is that when someone asks about specific details of healthy eating, I tend to stay on that level. Individual nutrients are really important, but even more important is the big picture.

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Protein, for instance, is crucial and someone on a vegan diet plan does need to get a variety of sources. But even more important is getting a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit. And both of those things are true of any diet, whether or not it includes meat.

Getting a variety of whole foods is the big picture I see overriding all the details of healthy eating.

It’s not as hard as people think sometimes to get balanced nutrition on a plant based diet. Yes, there are some foods you should try to eat and some nutrients you need to supplement. You should be aware of what you’re eating.

But a little bit of awareness would go a long way to making anyone’s diet healthier. With the general level of health where it is, there are obviously a lot of things missing and conscious healthy eating can make a huge difference.

Do you tend to focus on the details or the big picture of healthy eating? Let me know below.


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