How do we break out of the vicious cycle of emotional eating?

How do we break out of the vicious cycle of emotional eating?
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

So many of us struggle with the vicious cycle of emotional eating, and all the guilt and shame that comes with it, keeping us stuck in that loop over and over again.

How to stop emotional eating?

It’s a strong pull, I hear it so often from my clients. That’s why I was so interested to learn more about my friend Jill’s work in this realm, and get her perspective on emotional eating.

Jill was a high performance track and field athlete, so moving to a career in Personal Training was pretty natural. After several years in that realm, she discovered that a person’s fitness level doesn’t necessarily correlate to their state of health.

She began to dig a bit deeper into lifestyle, stress level, food consumption, etc. Eventually she dove even deeper into the possible internal causes of stress levels and lifestyle choices, and began to explore with individual’s their sense of self-worth, relationship with self about food and the world, aspects of self-sabotage and beyond.

That’s the stage she was working in when I met her, and it’s what intrigued me about the coaching work she’s doing.

Because there’s always this lingering question:

If I know what I shouldn’t be doing… Why do I do it anyway?

When I asked Jill how she answers that question from her clients, she says she asks a question back… What would you be thinking about if you weren’t beating yourself up about what you just ate?

The way to move forward, and break out of the vicious cycle, is to explore our relationship with food, and those underlying reasons that drive our behavior.

If our discussion here intrigues you, if you want to learn more about why you make the choices you do and how you might unload some of the guilt and shame to open the door for some healing, Jill and I have been working together to bring this program to you.

Healing Emotional Eating

Jill will guide us through 4 main topics to bring awareness to the cycles and patters that trigger how we operate:

  1. Understanding eating personalities (compliant vs defiant)
  2. Demystifying emotional eating (how willpower is widely misunderstood)
  3. Living beyond self sabotage (can we see it as a gift?)
  4. Intuitive and mindful eating (listening to our body’s communication)

I’ll provide a package of delicious recipes with each section, to give your body the nourishment and energy to operate. Not as a meal plan you need to follow, but we’ll look at one meal each week so you have ideas to try.

If you’re ready to jump in, we’re offering an early bird registration until November 1st. We’re in the process of editing the live in-person sessions and setting up the members’ site, and will be releasing the modules on a weekly basis before then.

Break the cycle

If you’re ready to get started breaking out of the vicious cycle, join us. We can’t wait to get started!


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