Chocolate Or Healthy Foods For True Love?

Chocolate Or Healthy Foods For True Love?
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Valentine’s Day is pretty synonymous with chocolate. It’s fine to enjoy chocolate as long as you don’t eat it too much or too often, but is chocolate really the best way to show your love?

Chocolate can cause some not so lovely reactions. My sister-in-law gets angry when she has chocolate, I get hyper and then fall asleep, Phil gets acne.

You can make some healthier chocolate choices to keep the downsides minimal. The darker the chocolate, the less sugar is used. Check the ingredients to make sure there aren’t too many refined and/or unpronounceable ingredients (preservatives and such).

Carob is a good option to avoid caffeine, and it’s naturally sweet so there’s less sugar used in making it. You can try making your own chocolate or caroblate with my homemade chocolate recipe.

Personally, I think healthy foods are a perfect way to show yourself, or your Valentine, some love. They give you nutrients and energy, and make you feel awesome – what’s better than that? Healthy foods can totally be delicious, like this coconut mango ice cream. Phil’s making banana-raspberry today 🙂

So have some chocolate if you want to, but don’t have it just because everyone else is.

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