Finding Balance And Listening To Intuition

Finding Balance And Listening To Intuition
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

I’m a big believer in balance and intuition, and this year I’ve been learning a lot about myself and how I integrate those things into my life.

I’ve started trying to work outside sometimes, getting away from the computer and using paper and pen to write articles and sketch out recipe ideas. It’s nice to be in the sunshine.

I also got a big shiny ring (made from an old silver spoon by a wonderful artist named Adam who has a stand in the Byward Market in Ottawa) that shines at me while I type to remind myself that my intellect and my emotions aren’t the ones in charge.

I’ve been travelling a lot this year. It’s been amazing and fun and inspirational, but when it lasts for too long it can also get tiring and throw me off my own personal balance.

The longest I’ve been in one place since December was 3 1/2 weeks. For the most part, I can maintain balance wherever I am, but I’m looking forward to being stationary this fall.

The past two weeks, I’ve been staying at a friends’ place while they’ve been off travelling, and it’s been great to reconnect with myself and my normal flow.

The best thing has been going for a run and then having a big smoothie for breakfast every morning, as those of you who follow me on instagram, facebook or twitter will know.

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Everyone has their own way of finding balance and happiness, and it’s important to listen to yourself. Is there something in your life that keeps you centred?

Being in one place means that I’ll be able to start doing live classes and consultations with you again. I’ve been thinking about cooking, meal planning and q&a sessions (group or private).


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