How To Make Healthy Eating Work For You

How To Make Healthy Eating Work For You
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

A lot of people come to me and they know what they should be doing for a healthy balanced diet, and yet they have trouble actually putting it into practice and making those healthy eating habits.

A lot of the time, that’s the hardest part.

The thing that I’ve found works for me and for other people is when you get a healthy eating plan to be a routine, making those healthy foods to eat a habit. Then you don’t have to think about them so much.

A trick that I find works for making meals on a regular basis is to come up with a few staple recipes. They don’t have to be complicated recipes, what I really mean is dishes, or the basic idea of a meal.

They should be dishes that you can make on a regular basis, that you enjoy, and that you know you usually have all of the ingredients on hand.

So come up with a few (2 or 3) different dinners that you like – maybe a soup, maybe some steamed vegetables with brown rice, and some lettuce wraps.

Then you can come up with 2 or 3 different lunches, and breakfasts. Personally, I could eat the same breakfast every single day, but my husband Phil likes to have more variety.

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So it’s up to you how many meals you keep in your mental stock, but just come up with some basic dishes for all your meals. Reuse them with different veggies and seasoning, and you have a healthy eating plan for a week

In order to learn more, and find more dishes that you enjoy, have a day where you experiment with new healthy eating recipes.

I usually do that on Sundays because I take the day off, and I feel like I can take the time learning a new recipe, trying out a new technique.

It helps keep me motivated, and keeps things interesting for the rest of the week when I go back to my staple meals.

Another thing I wanted to share with you guys is that I’ve been trying to shift my thinking a little bit, from always thinking about finishing things to thinking about enjoying doing them and enjoying the process.

I’ve been finding that difficult, but when I am able to do it, it makes things a lot more fun.

So I hope you guys find something fun to make for yourselves today! There are tons of recipes on my site, and on other sites, to inspire you and get you creating.

And if you need help gaining confidence in your skills and ability to be creative in the kitchen, my online cooking classes are another great place to start.

Try to find a few meals that you can make on a regular basis, and then you can get in the routine and get yourself going on a healthy eating plan.

Have fun with it – that’s the main thing!


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