The two sides of healing emotional eating

The two sides of healing emotional eating
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

All you need to know about emotional eating

You know what you should be doing: eating healthy foods, avoiding junk, exercising.
But you’re just not doing it. There might be lots of reasons why, but the question remains…

If you have all the information about making healthy choices, why do you disempower yourself?

There are lots of practical tips I can give you to help break through the negative cycle. That’s what I do, as a holistic nutritionist, to help people make changes.

Things like making one-pot meals to minimize the flavors on your tongue so you feel satisfied with less food, eating more slowly to savor and chew fully, only eating in certain places (e.g. not in front of your computer…).

In fact, my number one tip to help with emotional eating is to shift to whole foods. Refined, processed, packaged foods have things in them – whether salt, sugar, MSG, or other compounds – that trigger your body to want more.

How can you possibly fight the current through willpower alone?

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Shifting to whole foods is a really powerful step in breaking through to a place where you can listen to your body more easily, and hear its cues more clearly.

But for most of us, there’s an underlying current that still triggers us to eat for emotional reasons, for comfort, out of boredom.

If you’ve been waging a war with food, and just keep losing, it’s time to make peace inside.

The psychological side of why we eat is one of the most important, and overlooked, pieces of what it takes to really overcome emotional eating.

Although that side of things is not my area, I have the wonderful fortune of having a friend who specializes in this type of group coaching. She’s the kind of person who asks the most insightful questions, to lead you to a better understanding of yourself.

What if we could shift the perspective of shame into acceptance, and the sense failure into growth?

We’re teaming up to create a program that covers both sides: delicious whole foods recipes to get your body going in the right direction, and diving into the very human aspects of how you operate to get your mind going in the right direction.

And we might throw in some yoga sessions to cover the spiritual side…

If you’re ready to jump in, we’re offering an early bird registration before the program starts online. We’re in the process of hosting and recording the live in-person sessions now, and I expect we’ll have the program up for you in a private members’ area in about a month, so around end of October.

Claim your spot

Or if you want to wait, you can sign up to an email list to get an update when it’s all ready to go.

If you’re ready to get started on a healthier path, join us. We can’t wait to get started!

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