Thanksgiving Thoughts On Healthy Eating

Thanksgiving Thoughts On Healthy Eating
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.


When anyone (including me) talks about healthy eating habits, it’s often looking at what we can do better. How our food can be more nutritious, which foods are best, how to avoid the bad foods, how to get more energy, better sleep, lose more weight.

But sometimes you need to take a step back and think about how many things you’re already doing well, how much you’ve already accomplished, and how healthy – and happy – you are in this moment.

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to be grateful for not only the family and friends you’re sharing the day with, but also for all of the things you’ve been able to do for yourself to make yourself healthy, energized and happy.

Today is also my mom’s birthday. I hope you’re having an awesome day, mom!

The biggest thing that a healthy eating plan has done for me, to make me happier, is that I have so much more energy to put into the things I enjoy doing. I used to be tired pretty much all the time, feeling pulled or dragged along, and trying to catch up with enjoying life.

I never thought much of it because I figured it was just the way things were. Even now, I have a hard time remembering exactly what it felt like. But the difference is that now I feel like I’m in control of enjoying my life. I’ve caught up, and I have the energy to do anything that I want to do.

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How has eating healthy made you feel happier? Let me know below.


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