Happy New Year! Let’s help motivate each other :)

Happy New Year! Let’s help motivate each other :)
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

It’s a new year, and it’s also my birthday this weekend! I have a drink in mind for that (tropical sangria!!!), but my trip to the dentist earlier this week gave me a kick in the butt…

I’m normally really good about it, I swear! But the holidays and travelling made me somewhat lazy on tooth care. There was nothing serious, just a bit of plaque on the back molars.

So – my dental hygienist inspired me to get back on track with flossing and brushing regularly! I only have one set of teeth and I plan to keep them around…

What challenges did you find over the holidays? What can you do to make a shift this year?

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Too many treats? Too many drinks? Trouble fitting in with family, as vegan and/or healthy? Trouble fitting in time for yourself?

Let me know below – we can all help each other figure out solutions 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m planning to celebrate my birthday this weekend with a beach bonfire and a roller derby game screening at my house – should be fun!


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