How to Stick to Your Healthy Diet Plan At Restaurants and Parties

How to Stick to Your Healthy Diet Plan At Restaurants and Parties
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

If you don’t know how you can keep up your healthy diet plan when you head out on a date or with friends, these six healthy eating tips will help you stick to your goals. Having a game plan going in means you will be less likely to slip.

Talk About It

Telling your friends about your healthy diet program up front will make you accountable for your choices and avoid embarrassment over not wanting to share nachos. The earlier you say something the better.

Don’t go hungry

If you have a small healthy meal before you head out, chances are you will be able to resist appetizers, bread and unhealthy meal choices. Planning ahead can save your healthy diet, and you will feel so much better after your night out knowing that you stayed strong.

Choose Wisely

Although you likely won’t get the choice of a special healthy diet menu, there are good choices if you know what to look for. Picking the type of restaurant can be really helpful. Greek, Italian, Mexican, Indian and sushi restaurants generally have a few healthy options to choose from. Opt to follow a vegetarian diet meal plan or vegan diet plan for the night and you may find your new favorite dish.

At restaurants, salads are the usual choice for healthy foods to eat but opt for a vinaigrette dressing on the side, rather than a fattening blue cheese or thousand island dressing. Tomato sauce is a better choice than a pesto or cream sauce on pasta, and always go for grilled vegetables or a salad with your dish rather than starchy potatoes or white rice.

Make Substitutions

Don’t be afraid to ask for something on the menu with a salad instead of fries, or with salsa instead of mayonnaise. These kinds of changes are usually no problem, and can make a huge difference to your healthy diet plan. At a party, if you want to try a dip that’s sitting with crackers, and there’s a veggie tray across the room, pick up some carrots and try the other dip.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Sodas, alcohol and wine are all high in sugar and calories. One can of soda has about 40 grams of sugar and a 590ml bottle has 64ml. These take away from all your healthy foods to eat during the day. Alcohol and wine also have lots of sugar, and can weaken your mental resolve to stick to your healthy diet plan. Having a small glass of wine is alright, but sticking mostly to water when eating out and will keep you on the right track.

Think about Portions

Restaurants often serve portions that are much too big in order to satisfy their customers’ perception of value. Look at your plate before you eat, and usually cutting it in half is the right portion for a healthy diet plan. Plan from the start that you will take the rest home with you.

At a buffet or party, where you want to try many different dishes, take very small amounts or limit yourself to trying only a few things to start. You can go back to get more if you need to, but by not loading your plate you encourage a healthy eating plan than becomes a simple habit.


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