Finding Motivation For Healthy Eating

Finding Motivation For Healthy Eating
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Finding motivation for healthy eating and being happy isn’t always easy, so when you find something that works you should figure out a way to do more of those things that motivate and energize you.

For me, this week has been awesome so far. I got really energized from the first session of my live online cooking classes (I had trouble sleeping afterwards because I was so excited to have connected with people while making a healthy recipe).

I’ve also found myself really energized and motivated from some good skating practices. Even if it sounds trivial, the fun and energy that I got from the sport, the exercise, and the other skaters put me in a great mood to be really productive at work today.

Whenever you can, try to make the time to do those things that make you happy and motivate you to do more in your life. When you’re happy, it’s so much easier to stick to your goals – healthy eating included.

It’s hard not to feel selfish about taking time out to do things that are just for fun. But you shouldn’t! Being happy and motivated is so important for you fulfilling your potential in whatever you’re doing.

If you’re unhappy in what you’re doing, you won’t be contributing everything that you could to the people around you. Sometimes you have to be a bit selfish so that you can give of yourself more fully.

Whether you want to be more effective or efficient at work, make wonderful healthy meals for yourself and your family, or just have more energy to put into your relationships it’s all important.

This is all relevant to finding motivation for healthy eating, but it’s also relevant to everything else in your life that’s important. Being healthy goes beyond what you eat – it’s about how you live and it’s about being happy.

What gives you motivation for healthy eating or other important areas of your life? Let me know below.


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