Top 5 List: Why I Run!

Top 5 List: Why I Run!
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Get to know your why for running every morning

Thinking about why I like running keeps me motivated to get out every morning – so I put together my top 5 list to help inspire you 🙂

Not that you have to run – any kind of exercise or activity that you enjoy and will continue doing on a regular basis is wonderful.

I used to hate running, and now I love it. So you can learn to love things, if you want to. These things I’ve found are what shifted me over to loving it.

Butterflies on my shoes don’t hurt either…

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So tell me – what are your motivations? Whether it’s running, cycling, walking your dog or any other kind of activity – let me know your top 5 🙂


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